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Swimming in the Rug

My wife and I obtained an 8th which we split in half one night.

My wife and I obtained an 8th which we split in half one night. A friend of mine was also present but did not partake, however he did keep my bong busy. His job was to keep an eye out. My wife and I had never done shrooms and we felt better having him there just in case. We ate them straight with a pepsi chaser, I was shocked at how bad the taste was. About 15 minutes later I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. I can only assume that I am extra sensitive in this area because my wife, and others i have talked to report only mild nausea. I kept my eyes closed through the whole ordeal and my head felt like it was the size of a tennis ball, my arms as long as flagpoles. The cracker my wife gave me as I begged for something to put in my stomach seemed the size of a dinner plate. This sickness passed after about 20 to 25 minutes. I can honestly say it was worth it. From that point on was the best drug experience of my life. I felt so happy, and forgive me for being corny... "one with the universe". At one point I closed my eyes and saw beautiful streaks of lightning and colored lights coming together on a background of stormy purple clouds. I was laying on the couch helplessly holding a towel fresh from the dryer (it was so soft and smelled so good), when I noticed our blue throw rug was shimmering like a cool lake. I commented on the rug to my wife, and expressed my desire to swim in it. She said, "go with it". So I ended up on the rug for a while, though I was disappointed to find that it wasn't water. We also spent quite a while watching the "laser beams" coming from the candle on the table. After a while we stood outside and looked at the stars, I felt very small. I am looking foorward to shrooming again, despite how sick i t at first. I highly recommend it.

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