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one day about 2 years ago,which is the last time i tripped because i dont have the time or the environment to have a good time.

one day about 2 years ago,which is the last time i tripped because i dont have the time or the environment to have a good time.me and my friends: mike ,craig , jay , and jen planned to go to the hemp festival,we planned on meating some friends from work who had shrooms for sale.me and jay got an 8th and split it,mike ,craig and jen dropped some acid.we also bought about 2 cases of beer which went down way to smooth and fast,i think i had about 12 beers that afternoon.i started to feel the effects about 5 minutes after i ate them,i was looking at a flyer that had a tie die graphic on it and it began to pulsate and move,i was shocked that it came on so fast.we went back to the car which was parked in a field,inside this field were about 2 thousand people.at the car my friend jay was tripping his ass off and could only say: SHROOMS KICKIN IN MAN,SHROOOOMS KICKIN IN!!!!!!!!!!!!. his mantra was scaring me and i felt like i couldnt relate to him,mike felt the same way so me and mike went on a hike,the hike was great ,all these little shops were along the way,and people doing tricks ,it was like a party before a dead show.during our hike we saw a guy riding a bike with a nitris balloon,as he road he fell off his bike and landed flat on his face.the entire place stopped and looked at him,then at the same time we all started laughing.during this hike i felt a very strong feeling coming over me,i felt like a true mountain man.i felt so strong .mike and i blabbered to eachother the whole way,we really bonded during the hike and laughed most of the time.we get back to the car and jay rolled a blunt,the blunt seemed to be about 20 feet long and it got me really really fucked up.i started staring at the sun,the sun seemed to be about 2 inches from my face,i started to moan and feel very depressed and guilty for what i had done,this lasted for about 10 minutes. afterword i got up and threw up next to a tree,i closed my eyes and saw a very relaxing and beautiful shape in my head and i knew that i would be fine.i go back to my friend who is now chanting:FIVE DOLLAR STICK,FIVE DOLLAR STICK!. i thought this was great and chanted it with him.then we all wondered where craig was.he was in the car tripping on acid,he was very moody and didnt talk much.i was like:WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! he was like: you dont understand.then i looked at the girl jen who was also in the car having a similiar moody and confused trip,her face was all demented and changing shapes,i told her that,and it made her shy like a little baby. i then got up and took another hike ,this time alone,as i was walkin i fell down a hill ,when i got up i was standing in front a totally awesome lake,it was peaceful and serene and felt like a world away from the basket cases i called my friends.after the lake and an encounter with a friendly pitbull i went to visit my friends at the car,at this point the weather became insane!it went from sunny,to a lightning storm,back to sunny,then windy then raining this cycle went on for about 2 hours and made us all feel like we were in a movie.the grass on the floor was also moving from side to side making me laugh like a retard.as the sun went down and a rave/dance party thing began in a tent,at that point i stopped tripping and felt all the beer i drank,i had a massive headache and was totally tired from dealing with a high energy insane day .i laid down in the car and went to bed,when i woke up i was home,my friends were tired from the dance party and decicded to go home,i slept the whole car ride home.overall it was fun but my friends were acting dumb and they bored me to death.i had fun,this trip lasted about 7 hours.

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