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Forget at the Movies

I barely ate a few fat stems left over from a friend .

I barely ate a few fat stems left over from a friend . Then we decided to drink some Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and go to the movies with a few friends. We went into Scream 2 and sat down then as the movie started the screen was shaking and changing color. I completely forgot about the stems since I thought there would be no effect. I couldn't concentrate on watching the movie I was too consumed with the background. I couldn't see anyones face straight they all had millions of tiny mushrooms all over them. I didn't really enjoy the loud killing parts it made me tense up and chew my nails down to the skin! It was also a little uncomfortable being the only person trippin while everyone spent most of the movie staring at me seeing my reactions to make fun of me. Everytime a scary part came theyd'e shake me to scare the shit outta me. I had to move by myself to not get upset in front of everyone because I couldn't control my tears and they just came flooding out. I think it was because the movie was so negative and the people around me were trying to give me a bad trip for kicks. I know not to trip around those same people again.

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