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fun at my house

It was the first time I have ever tripped.

It was the first time I have ever tripped.(shrooms) i had about 3 g's of some shrooms(got from a friend.) He was suppost to do them with me, but he had to go to his girlfriends house for some stupid reason, so i said...fuck him. I ate them at about 8:00p.m. in my room. i was on an empty stomach, and wanted everything to happen naturally. about 30 min. later i got a stomach ache, i thought to myself...thats normal. about 10 min. after that, i started to feel very happy about myself, and room, and just fucking everyhting. i got up out of my bed, because i thought that i herd something in the hall...it was my cat, but it didden't look like my cat, it looked like a four leggid clown dancing on bouncy balls, i laughed, went back to my room, and put on some phish. the music was for some reason clensing, and fuzzy sounding. then my room started to swirl (like a fun house) and i was loking at myself run down this tunnel in my celing. i was laughing and smiling and it was great!!! well after that it seemed my rip was coming down, and all that i saw otherwise was some clsed eye visuals, like lava lamps in my brain and stuff. it was the first, and hopefully not the best trip of my life.

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