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Black Metal + shroom

March 27, it's midnight.

March 27, it's midnight. My friend and me eat a gram of dried psylocibe cubensis. Then we go outside to smoke some pot to amplify the intensity of the trip.

00h30, the trip is just starting and i'm listening to Dissection, this was really odd, 'cause it was the first time i tripped with music and i started with black metal, which was cool too. I'm laughing like crazy and we play with child toys, this was really funny.

We go outside, 'cause the weather was hot, and we decided to go watch the stars. But while putting my coat on i saw spiderman hidden behind one of my friend's coat. A bit later we're in the street and i'ts 1 o'clock. Far away i was watching a green light, and it was moving, so it appeared to me as a giant green bean and i was hearing ducks "singing". So i thought like this : this is a giant bean playing a concert with ducks. but it really looked like this.

While my friend was still laughing for almost 15 minutes, i saw something very special... there was the letters : grandfather, writting in neon light. And don't know why i saw this but this was really odd.

Well, this is 4h00 in the morning and i go to bed, i'm writting this trip report at 17h16 on march 28... this means were on the day after my trip, that was really enjoyable ;o)

This is the end of my little story, but one last thing, never drink alcohol when you take shrooms, 'cause you don't have hallucinations... maybe this is not the same for everyone but i haven't had hallucinations last time i shroomed and i had took more shrooms ( they were from the same dealer and the same row he received it ) 'cause i drank beers... but anyway the trip is really odd when you're drunk too ;o)


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