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a really phat trip

okay, this was the second time i tried shrooms.

okay, this was the second time i tried shrooms. i took 2 grams and my friend took 2 grams also. i started tripping about 45 minutes after i took them, i was bugging out pretty bad listening to dmx.

after that we decided to smoke some weed. we went on my back porch and smoked 3 bones. i was blasted as well as tripping my balls off.

when we came back into my house i was fucked up. then we started staring at my kitchen door. i started seeing all kinds of demon faces on the door. (keep in mind it is a wooden door). i was bugging out pretty bad so i closed my eyes. when i opened them i saw an image that looked just like my dad on the door. it was fucked up.

after the looking at the door we started to play playstation. we must have tried 5 different games, but we could not find one that was fun enough to play. finally my friend puts in silent hill for playstation. i had just got it and only played it once. i started to play the game, and we figured out it was a pretty sick but phat game. there was some scary music so i dropped the controller because i was so scared shit. after this my friend starts to play and he says this is the best game ive ever played.

so to conclude this story i would like to suggest playin silent hill for playstation when you are tripping with a friend.

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