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ICP and Shit Melting

On my way to the IcP concert in Dayton, OH we were geered up for the show.

On my way to the IcP concert in Dayton, OH we were geered up for the show. Funk junkie was opening for em too. When I say we, I mean me and my two trippin buddies.

They didn't know I did or had shrooms, but I asked them if they would ever do em, and seeing as how we all get stoned together alot, they said yeah, of course!

So I whipped out halg and ounce of dried cubensis and we munched like mad until the bag was depleted. The stares of passerbys as I was driving down th eroad eating a mushroom suprised many old farts in mini vans. (note: do not eat shrooms and drive) I only did so because we were 10 minutes from Hara arena , the concert had tight security.

we got there, took our seats and began to feel the magic of the mushrrom. It was wonderful. But little did I relize what I was in for. opener was an hour and a half, so I was really going by the time ICP came out, and then my buds decided we should jump in the mosh pit. It was so dark, everyone looked like demons, but I wasn't afraid I felt like a giant warrior, like Zelda or something. We worked our way up to the front , so close the body guards would throw us back ! We got drenched with Faygo and it ruled. After the show we went to a local party spot and burned 7 massive concert sized doobies. OH MY GOD. Pot helps with mushrooms sooooo much. I was so fucked up. We spent 4 hours in my car overlooking the city. Damn. What a bueatiful site. So many great thoughts and visions that night. I'm gonna pass that memory on to the grand kids.

The road moved. People canged appearences. My car turned into the cock pit of a jet.(briefly) It totally 110% kicked ass. Don't do shrooms alone, but don't be careless, and go, go out into the world and explore, why should you limit your trip to your house? your there all the damn time anyway. OH YEAH, make magic mushroom seghetti sauce and give it to grandma, that bitch ain't got glaucoma , and you know that visine and water pipe aren't granpas, she'll get a kick out of it. It'll put some Presto! In her pasta baby.....

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