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What the Fuck?

Holy Shit.

Holy Shit. So what the fuck was that. Ok me and my friends are huge pot heads, we smoke like 2 g's a night. We're only 15 so we've only got some good THC in our system. We heard of shrooms and acid and shit like that but never really got the chance to try it. So one night we phone up our dealer, and before we could ask for chronic, he tells us he's got mushrooms , which is weird cuz we were gonna get some from another dealer for a friend. So any way we said fuck it , and bought an O-Z. I didn't know then what the fuck i was getting into. I dont't even know where to start. We ate a good g and a half each, we didn't know what the fuck we were doin. So were all sitting on a couch just fuckin feeling weird. I was with my three best friends, we trip bad on chronic all the time together. My friend jon is starting to feel sick. Then i thought about it, i was too. I got up to play a game of pool on my friends table, they still sat. I was felling really weird, but not like weed, weed trips are fuzzy, this was so clear. I think i first noticed when the pool balls started to trace across the table, like when i hit it a line of pool balls followed it. That was fucked so i sat down. My bud chris started to trip out hardcore, cuz he's the smallest. he thought that the mirror was a window into another fukin dimension, he tried to get through it for like 20minits. I was still kinda doubtful cuz maryjane didn't work for me the first couple times. I cant remeber how much time passed but eventually we all ended up on the ground watching Rory's 70's shag carpet move and pulsate. Eventually the carpet turned into spiders. There was weird sounds coming from diffrent directions and i started to think i saw a "beast" in the darkness. Being solitary was hell. We all went into a small room and just sat for a while tripping on every fukin thing. Then we turned out the fukin lights. I went insane. Jon lit his lighter like every 15 seconds . It was like hell except more relaxed. We decided that we had to go smoke a bowl outside. Needless to say it was freezing. ( ilive in Canada, Alberta). This is when i seriously started to fuck up. All the trees had snow on them , Spruce trees, they all looked like they had fces and i could barely here them talk to me , like through telepathy or somthing. We smoked the bowl and totaly fucked out. Its hard to explain our situation but, thwe begining was the end, It was dark but bright, silence was the loudest fukin thing in the world. Nothing made sense. So when i started home , I nodded my head at all the trees i passed as a sign of respect. I heard voices screams, Saw things running , was attcked by a dog ( that really hapened), and just basically looked like a teenager on a fukin strange drug. I just went home put on some Operation Ivy, and just chilled out. Shit. Next time u go to eat shrooms, think about what the fuck it is. Some thing growing in a field, we dont know where the fuck it came from, but we eat it any way. shit that awsome. I'll never look at a tree the same way man. P.S> while on shrooms try two songs 1. Soup is Good Food by the Dead Kennedy's and 2. the last song on Offsprings Americana. Happy tripping

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