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the massive trip of

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on october 5 2001

Me and my boys were looking for the hookups for some shrooms for about a month, i go to a local hang out where all the dealsers are big time and worthy ofmy cash. im told some guy has some killer fungis so i hook my good buddy up with a quarter ounce. We set teh night up so perfect, we ate at my house with my parents and then we all went into my basement, me and my buddy mowed, he dropped about 3 verry verry fat steems, i mowed a gram over 20 mins (i really hate the taste) i puked once before i dropped. we went to a glow in the dark mini putt (the biggest trip in the entire world...you cant understand unless youve been). before going into the mini putt we decided to smoke a fat 2 paper of this killer hydro i picked up earlier. so my buddy broke it up in the washe room of the put put and i kept watch. Me being the gang roller I started to spin up the dewb, but in a instance i felt a little weird..i started to shake and loose perseption..i also started to think way to much for what i was doing..we walked about a Km in pooring rain to smoke this, on the way i caught on teh shrroms and i was totally fucked. we went to the put put and didnt even play we just chilled out and triped inside the place for an hour..people were looking at us like we were retards, and all we did was trip out....we came up with a motto. "who gives a fuck, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and well deal with it tomorrow. and that was the best nigh of my life so i highly advise you to go glow in the dark put put with all the supplies (shrooms weed) thank you

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