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Now, after a morning and afternoon of shrooming and weed, we were all hungrier than a mutherfucker.

Now, after a morning and afternoon of shrooming and weed, we were all hungrier than a mutherfucker. My tummy was inverted and shit...We all woke up and decided it was time to eat. Since we had no women to cook for us (gosh, what a shovanistic piggish thing to say MOE) sorry girls..we decided to go to pizza hut. NOW there were 4 of us.

1 black guy (nigger)

1 mexican (wetback)

1 white guy (cracker)

1 irainian (sand nigger)

It was a long ride to pizza hut. We got in and all seated and realized that only ONE of us have money. (the white guy)...We ordered and started to crack on each other. We got pretty deep with the racial slurs and pizza hut employees were getting concerned. We chilled and ate the pizza. I checked out the waitress and tried to get some free cupons. Whitey saw someone he knew outside in a car and went out to talk. He was outside for a while and we ate his shit. He knocked on the window where we were sitting and pointed at the cool looking chick in the car behind him. He made the dick and pussy screwing symbol (you know with one hand as the pussy and the index finger going in and out)..Mex nodded and whitey took off.

We continued to eat and have a good time...Then the waitress gave us the check....ALLL was quiet at our table as we wondered how the FUCK we were going to pay for this shit..We came in irainian's small ass nissan 240 sx. We kept looking at the waiterss and other employees to figure when we should dash.. I told 2 of us to go to the restroom and the other get the car ready. I was the one who got the car. I got a cigarrete from mex and went outside, then I got the car. the others ran out and dove in the window. I had legs and arms hanging out the window as we drove away.

************************THE FUCKED UP PART****************

Come to find out that whitey wasnt leaving to get some ass, he was telling us that he was going to fuck this girl later one tonight...We took it as he was leaving us and getting some ass NOW...He was pissed when he had to explain to the police what happened..We all DIED when he told us what happend.

Awwww maaan....what a fuckin riot!!!


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