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Beach Trip

The first time I tripped I was at the beach with a bunch of my friends.

The first time I tripped I was at the beach with a bunch of my friends. We pulled up (this was on April 1) in my friends car, and it was still kinda cold. We had taken the shrooms about 1/2 hour before we went to the beach, and I left with a friend because we had to go pick someone up. I started to trip in the car on the way there. We were smokin a joint as I started to trip, so it was that much cooler! I had done 2 grams, and it was soo cool! The streetlights were melting into each other, each with it's own phosporescence, and distinct color melting into one. By the time we got back to the beach I was totally chewed. THe rest of the people at the beach weren't as fucked as me because they hadn't had any pot at all. I was sitting there and everything looked so beautiful. I saw so much that night. At one point, out of the corner of my eye (shrooms are really supposed to fuck with your peripheral vision) I saw a deer run out of the woods, and drink from the water! When i turned my head there was nothing there!! The fire felt so nice! It was warm, and I could feel it through my entire body! It was a "cute" fire to say the least. Later my friend and I walked to the edge of the water, and looked out to where the sky met the water. All we could see were pretty intense designs in the sky! It was all so amazing!!! For my first time tripping, I have decided I love shrooms! I am never going back to acid again!!

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