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Lesson from Deal

I had been into the drug scene for some time [gladly] since I had been turned on to bud [weed]- not counting of course my ideas identifying with Burroughs' philosophies and even- rarely Dass'.

I had been into the drug scene for some time [gladly]
since I had been turned on to bud [weed]- not counting of
course my ideas identifying with Burroughs' philosophies and
even- rarely Dass'.
I had been into other things since my deal with bud,
not actually- but I was planning them. I wanted shrooms for
one year and of course the one jerk now that I can say that
since I know him better had given me tabs instead. I mean,
he wouldn't give me bad shrooms, but his lifestyle was awful
and he almost narced me out once even though he was a stoner
himself [lousy hypocrite].
So, I needed TIMING to do shrooms, and that was the
perfect timing. I am interested in any "drug" and what I
classify as drugs are those that won't kill you instantly-
Propane and amanitas ain't drugs. However, marijuana,
cocaine, heroin, acid, and liquor are- Ya get my point? I
hope so [H will give simply constipation and impotence over
long-term usage, contrary to hype- Anyways....]
Well, I got acid from The Jerk and I was asked about
acid later- I wanted to take it and would, but writers of
prose like Huxley and Kesey HAD taken acid [Bless their
souls!! =)] and even though I knew the effects and felt I
would take it, I knew that those writers among others had a
dulled writing style AFTER they used it- This does not apply
to ALL art, cuz if I was a musician or painter or whatever
I'd get into it.... And acid had simply helped the greatest
contemporary poets I know of, Nathan Krogstad and Danielle
Guay, as well as journalist Hunter S. Thompson and even
spiritual writer Richard Alpert in ALL of their artforms.
Other psychedelics did not notoriously dull prosaic writers
style [Read William S. Burroughs writing after he did majoun
or even magic mushrooms [=)].]
So, with me I HAD to have shrooms while acid was being
passed and everything. I waited- People I had falling-outs
with were inevitably saying they'd get cubensis or whatever
and I never heard an answer.
Well, to, literally, make a long story short, I hung
out with my friend Allegra. I was a "personal drug-store"
she called me. I had essentials: speed [Fluvoxamine Maleate
exactly [Luvox] which is the STRONGEST upper- Ask for 100
mil. tablets and take them with water- They will kick in in
literally less than 10 seconds and of course, being so
strong you might get tired after taking them, but if you do,
smoke some maui and you WON'T be sorry- Some people I know
take five tablets at once- as prescription!! This for some
reason is ironic since one 100 mil. tablet is so strong.
They survive with 500 mil. all at once. But be warned, if
yer heart doesn't explode, you will put on MAJOR poundage
[why this happens with an upper, I don't know, but it's a
medical fact.].], and I had Camel Lights [YAY!! Nicotine!!],
the acid- two tabs I had on me, caffiene- a wonder drug to
abuse if you ask me, shrooms of course- not many and ALL
mine, and I think chocolate ???
Well, we went out and smoked and all, and we went to
see "Analyze This", which I will not plug but.... We decided
to trip a bit before we saw the flick- I took two caps and
two stems- all of the shrooms were dried- and I took two
caps and two stems afterwards from the same bag with doubt
and knowledge that they don't kick in quick.... The other
caps and stems were eaten ten minutes later I believe. Well,
she had her geltab around that time- and QUICK she was
trippin' hard- not freakin' out but just seeing all AMAZING
things.... I said that I didn't know if mine kicked in or
not.... My standards were too high as she said herself since
I wanted to go to level five- and the ego unfortunately
popped in now and then and even peeped, "We gotta get high-
I don't think we're high" [in reference to me and that
wasn't a voice I heard unfortunately, but I'm explaining how
I was acting, so I didn't notice a high]. I had dilated
pupils- yeah objects were breathing- I think I hallucinated
places and things and didn't know it. Fortunately, I was
with the MOST polite person and she had offerred the geltab
after I said, "I think something's wrong, I don't really
notice a difference."
Well, I had a good time nonetheless that would've
been just as fun had I not been high- or even either of us
[thanx Allegra] and I had been GLAD I didn't have a level
five trip- I'm GLAD that I was ripped off, since it prepared
me- and hey- some of the things that happenned to me [I LOVE
all those little guys that went down the hatch- You've
REALLY done me alot of good all of youz.] were pretty fun
and I would be lying if I said that I wouldn't have a bad
trip when I'd go harder or if I said that I didn't want to
do it again. Well, I had different effects that could be
categorized in "Levels 2, 3, 4, or 5" but hey the trip was
too weak- It was a "1"er (*laughs*), so, anyway, it was
worth it- Plus it was my first time doing any psychedelics
[I only SMOKED weed], so it was GREAT!! It gave me perfect

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