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Woodland Tripsters

I recall my first trip as being a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

I recall my first trip as being a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Since it was entirely new to me, although I had experience with numerous other substances, particularly marijuana, alchohol, and various pills, it shook me like the greatest thing on earth. Recently having tried shrooms, I've learned that that is not true.
It started with about two and a half hits of white blotter. It seemed simple enough, not a huge dosage, but later in the day we figured that the blotter must have been double dipped. We took it in the third floor bedroom of my friernd Skren's house. I was sitting in a bean bag, annoyed by the slowness of time. We eventually figured we would get out of the room and head off to a preplanned location. It was a crazy bridge in the woods I had not known of, somewhere lost along a path. The bridge was curved, yet sturdy. It was almost a spiral in its strange shape. It had been painted on with various gang designs and whatnot. A small brook ran under the bridge. I was with my friends C, Neps, and of course Skren. We finally found the bridge, and what a cool place it was. It was as if it was out of some cheesy storybook I had read in Kindergarden. I was waiting eagerly for these thinsg to kick in. I started feeling a little happy, and felt as if I was very high. I was waiting for visual hallucinations. We were talking about the bridge and whatnot, and then we figured we'd smoke. We sat down on a hill on the edge of the brook, near the bridge. Neps brought out a bag of good buds and we smoked a little. I kept feeling as if I hadn't had a single hit. This is when it really kicked in.
I wasn't noticing any visuals yet, but I was really euphoric. Complete happiness, and a feeling of things existing around me that I couldn't see. The bridge was awesome. I sat down on it, while Skren wandered back and forth on it, mumbling. C and Neps were laughing and talking about Garfield or some shit. It was a period of craziness, but it was only about to get crazier. Somehow, we got walking deeper along the path, leaving the bridge behind us. I felt as if I was really deep in the woods of Maine. I had the urge to go on, so when they seemed reluctant and wanted to turn back to the bridge, I just kept walking as if driven by some strange enchanntment. I walked on and on, hearing them laughing behind. I turned every once in a while and saw them off in the distance. I kept laughing. They looked miles away. There was a swampy area along the left side of the path now, and I was curving around towards a smaller, walking bridge over the swamp. I was alone. I walked on to the bridge, in the middle of the forest, and felt as if it was wobbling beneath my feet. I could see squirrels splashing and wrestling in the grassy water. I fell into another fit of laughing, and went on.
After crossing the bridge, I felt even more in a world of my own. I was approaching a big clearing. It was a decent place, not too comfortable for the wet pre-Spring day. A strange fear struck me. There were wolves around the clearing, peering at me through the trees as they were hungrily planning an attack. I looked all around, turned around in confusion. I saw the little bridge over the water, and I flew across it. I took off back down the path once I hit the other side, stumbling and muttering jibberish in the chaos. I saw C, Skren, and Neps down the path. It took only seconds in my amazing quickness to meet up with them. I frantically described the wolves in the trees, and we all burst into a fit of laughter. The idiots that we were, we figured we'd go check out the clearing. So, we continued down the path and I brought them into the animal hunting grounds in which I had just been. When we approached, we walked around. My three friends were talking pig latin, and I was just getting the feeling of danger again. I figured there was a bear around, a big brown bear. I could feel it sniffing and looking for honey around the trees. I figured it would see us and come at us, so I warned them of the impending danger.
I suddenly felt very angry. I went around, my fists clenched. I wanted to wrestle the bear and tear it apart. I felt like it was nothing more than a walking stuffed animal. I followed them, as they had the idea to keep going into the woods. I followed, and we found ourselves hopping about dry spots amidst some really deep mud. They were ahead of me, and I was curious as to the bear back in the clearing. I had not yet seen it, yet I knew it was there. As I went on, one of my looks back brought my eye across the strangest thing. There was a blue, square sign on a tree. There was a white bear print on the sign, painted there, and an arrow pointing back through the trees to the clearing. I saw this and my jaw dropped. I was right, it was real. My instinct had told me that there was a bear about. I was an animal, either to hunt or be hunted. My friends were standing there laughing, not seeing what I was seeing. My mixed feelings, of the rage to kill the bear and the realized fear that was a huge animal make me run like a wild man through the mud to Skren, Neps, and C. I crashed through the mud, splashing it everywhere. My shoe dug into the mud and got stuck there, and I flew right out of it. I didn't care, I ran through the mud with a bear sock, squishing in the wet brown clay-stuff. I got to my friends, and I pointed at the sign. They didn't see it. I kept pointing and rambling about it. They couldn't see it. We moved closer, and I got my shoe from the mud. They noticed it then, and Skren pointed out that there were kennels in this area. Another idea was that it meant there was a trail around here. I couldn't help but think that it was a warning posted by some forest ranger that there were bears in this area. Hell, we went back to the clearing, and I was still crazed about the bear. It was a hellish, crazy-ass trip. And that was only the beginning. It got far better from there.

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