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the madness begins!

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note*****think this was a level two- no real ego splitting or hallucinations other than basic visual stuff and time distortion.. but ever so fun! maybe a weak three coz i was tripping pretty hard at some points and it was more than basic stoning!***

i've posted stuff on this site before about acid but i've never had the opportunity to take them. well- that was until i made a detour through nimbin (hippy drug town in australia) on my way home from camping. i managed to score some salvia, hash cookies and a small bag of shrooms that were called psylocibe australiensis and grow on woodchips. these are different from the ones that i've looked for in the past. i'm pretty sure i got about the same as a $25 bag of pot so a bit under two grams was the estimated weight. i waited (oh god how i waited)for the next night to take them when i would be at a club. not the wisest thing to do but i was very familiar with all the people there and very comfortable.. plus it has just been renovated and looks pretty cool with all the lights and stuff.

i dropped in the toilets, eating them straight out of the bag and washing them down with water. i waited approximately twenty minutes before i had to go to the toilet soooo bad! needless to say i peed and as i was getting up i started to feel a little.. hmmm.. good! i messaged my mum and told her that i wouldn't be home necessarily.. she was cool... just as well because i didn't know what i was getting myself into. i think they started to kick in then (pretty quickly.. maybe the strain??)

i got a pal and went for a walk because i was afraid that i would get kicked out of the club. i was running through the town laughing uncontrollably hard and i remember feeling a total sense of euphoria. it was very pleasurable but totally different to that usually felt on ecstasy or a similar entheogen. mostly everything was so interesting and funny. after talking to a sand sculpter about the beauty of his dragon sculturesons in the moonlight and his sorrow for not being able to make everyone appreciate them the way i did (and oddly enough he seemed to totally understand my tripping ass..) i went back to the club and that's when the real cool stuff happened. the floor was totally incomprehensable to me. i took tiny baby steps because i couldn't figure out if there were stairs everywhere or not (there were't at all). also my body seemed to be able to fit through incredibly tiny spaces and gaps between people. a green light on the wall was the entrance to fairy land i avoided it for fear of being sucked in. in one stage of the night i'm sure i saw a guy run down the stairs in fast forward, throw a beer in his own face and then dissapear. i also got some really cool tracers and visuals in the fingerprints on a door of people kissing and aztec designs. dancing was pretty cool and i felt that everyone was looking at me as an object of desire. i felt i was dancing even better than when i was on e (and i take it once a week at least.. hehe i'm such a cookie monster) and i wasn't confused about anything. everything was totally clear to me- i was just certain that the club was like a tribal jungle and the music (though i've been told it was just top forty shit) was amazing and primordial, alternately slowing down and speeding up causing me to break into hysterics.

these little suckers were very very fun- i've taken salvia now so i know what ego death is like and i don't know if i'm that keen to try it with mushies because it lasts so long. but if any of you look for more in your trips try some salvia- get a trip sitter. oh and if you wanna talk about it mail me.. address below.

anyway mushy season (for cubensis and cyanescans) is getting closer every day and me and my friend k are going to go nuts on them! hehe.. so i'll keep you posted on my adventures. gotta find a way to get back to nimbin..


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