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Totally Inexperiencd

For my first ever trip on any psychadelic, I decided to order a gram of shrooms from a friend of a friend.

For my first ever trip on any psychadelic, I decided to order a gram of shrooms from a friend of a friend. I knew absolutely nothing about Psilocybes except that there were supposed to make you hallucinate. I didn't want to trip alone for the first time so I asked my friend Saad if he wanted to trip with me. He was a bit afraid of shrooms back then and didn't want to, however, he agreed to hang out with me after I ate them.

So after getting home from school at about 3:45 I ate the shrooms. I had a big ol' bottle of Listerine ready because I had heard shrooms taste just as nasty as the shit they sometimes grow out of. To my surprise, I could handle the taste quite well and ate them without any problems. Right after eating them I called my friend Saad over to come hang out with me, then I went downstairs to watch my favourite show... Pokémon! :)

At 4:15 I started feeling a bit different. Watching the show, I noticed that every little sound and action was absolutely hilarious... the colours seemed brighter and more vivid, and every once in a while things would just kind of "ripple". Anyways, after pissing my pants laughing at Pokemon (specifically the Jigglypuff song for those who know what I'm talking about) my friend rang the doorbell. I ran up the stairs and answered the door. The first thing I saw was him looking at me with a big smile on his face... that made my face light up with joy and as I let him in the door I whispered to him "I'm SO fucked!" My parents were wandering about on the main floor, so we went down to the basement.

At my peak, I was talking non stop to my friend. I kept anticipating his replies to my questions and then talking even more, so he never even got a chance to say anything. Suddenly, in the middle of my blabbering away to him, I swear I heard him tell me to "shut up" in a low voice. I replied by saying "Hey, you shut up!" Then he slowly looked at me as if I were going to kill him with a chainsaw, and said very defensively "I didn't say anything!" We argued about that for a while until I finally just burst out laughing and charged into the bathroom. The mirror really freaked me out. I looked at myself, amazed at how my pupils were extremely dilated and started pulling at my face with my hands. It was like rubber, and for some reason I got the idea that I was a cartoon character... very strange. I spent about 10 minutes in front of the mirror.

My friend and I were conversing again when I returned. Something I said made him laugh and he slapped me on the arm. After realizing he slapped me a little too hard, he apologized. I told him I didn't feel a thing, and he was amazed. To test this out, he pinched my forearm. Again, I didn't feel any pain. He told me that he just pinched VERY hard and it was a miracle that I felt nothing. Then he slapped my arm again as hard as he could. I just laughed at him. This amazed both of us and I'm still impressed by that today.

When I was coming down off my little trip, I talked to my friend about all the various things I felt. Music sounding different, colours more vivid, everything hilarious... it was an interesting experience, and for my next trip, he'll be joining me :)

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