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snow larve

I have only recently discovered this site so forgive the duration of vtime that has passed since this occured.

I have only recently discovered this site so forgive the duration of vtime that has passed since this occured.
My friend ( who shall be known as mac) and i were travelling around the world and enjoying its many pleasures ,sights and sounds ,and at this particular stage of the journey had arrived in B.C canada. We had not tripped in the last 5 or 6 months due to our journey so when we arrived at this mountain hostel by the lake we were primed and ready to re-enter the magical world where the carpet goes SHWWWWSH and suddenly you are 8 years old again and the world is awesome and at timesw a little frightening.

We had heard from a fellow freak that mushrooms were available if we were interested-we were. We bought half an ounce of these tiny little critters- maybe at the most 3 quarters of an onch high brtowm and delicate ,kinda looked like the mummified remains of fairies hands. Any ways mac proceeded to test that night a small amount about 8 of them to assay their strenght- after being caught by a heartbroken aussie girl lamenting her lost lovesw he managed to escape to his bed and enjoy the the close eye visuals .
With large pools of hazel velvet staring out at me he proceeded to express that yes they were good and a setting like the towering forests that steeply rose behind the hostel would be the perfect site for tomorrows fun and games.I agreed and we drifted off ( or i did mac probably had a few sleepless hours before the shroos relented.

The next day we headed of with a few other fellow adventurers up the trail up into the mountains.When we left the first snowfall of winter had just begun,huge soft flakes that seemed to slowly rotate as they fell to earth. As we marched we ate about 15 each while the others(not including some local labrador that had joined us) had about8.
Slowly as we progressed up the steep and winding trail we felt the affects begin to manifest themselves-queasy stomach,uncontrollable giggling and general high spirits and humour.In my pocket was a bright blue can of apple juice that i had already forgotten but which would figure prominantly later in the day.

After what seems like years of trudging but little grudging we emerged into a little clearing which contained a small brick building-purpose unknown,as we stood and theorised on the meaning and use of a small locked structure in the middle of the wilderness ,a stray snow ball burst on the back of my neck like some icy magnum at point blank range.The next 10 minutes we ran and fought dodging these glowing slow-mo balls of light that whirled by,dreading with a mortal fear being hit yet laughing like demons when one of our salvos struck the target.
At this point in thought"what a great time to smoke a joint." WRONG The joint was ravenously enhaled by all, but was quickly regretted by almost everyone but me,it seemed to introduce a ominous fear into the group,whether it had been there all along and we had been to happy and high to notice it i don,t know but suddenly i was surrounded by a group of silent and 'rabbit eyed " companions.
There was a brief pow-wow and as quickly as the vibe had decended everyone had decided it was time to leave -it was getting dark,strange,scarey words like that passed around and although still having a ball myself ,when mac said he was surfing the waves of paranoia and only barely staying on i decided i would go to ,no point fighting the group.

We set of down the mountain the sense of dread and unease almost palpable in the silence and speed the group shuffled along,each intent on fighting their own fears and keeping upright on the slippery slope.Maybe 10 minutes down i realized i had set my can of juice down in the snow whilst rolling the joint and i felt i would die if i didn,t go back for it(combination of extreme thirst and fear that the mountain gods would punish me if i left that trash in their abode),all the while we are now at the peak of this trip.
The others would not wait ,there need to return greater than the need to indulge my whims ,only mac understood why i needed to return and he agreed to wait for me on the trail.
With a nod in set off back up the trail,ignoring the dark twisting shapes that lay beyond the trail and hurried up the path. In no time it seemed i reached the clearing only to find the heavy falling snow had already buried our footsteps and of course my can.Weary angry at myself an a little scared i turned to leave when i had an urge to turn and look one more time,than to my amazement and growing disbelief i thiught i could see this faint blue glow coming from one of the drifts.Dubiously i walked over and stared at the spot,there was no doubt now it glowed a soft sky blue like the horizon on a perfect summers day,plunging my hand deep into the drift i groped around and about a foot down felt that familiar shape.
Laughing i pulled it ou,opened and drank what to this day is the greatest thing i have ever tasted,an amazing mouthful of of intense apple nectar tinged with the finest ice crystal that softly rushed over my tongue- i was on top again.Witha a cry of joy i thanked the mountain spirits and tore of down the hill to find my friend.
This joy quickly evaporated as i descended for 10 minutes and could find no trace of him, the trail i told myself was the only one and he had promised to wait for me here, my fears only softened by the thought that i had probably misjudgeded the distance. i walked another 200 metres down and then the thought occured that maybe he had stepped of for a piss so i should probably wait.
As i waited the fears and paranoias grew ,aliens ,accidents,pumas all kind even that my best bud had just given up on me and walked off( actually that one was the worst fear).Finally fear of exposure and need to escape the growing darkness compelled me to move on down the trail- imagine my relief and joy when 50 metres later a angry but also relievede pile of snow stood up and said "where the fuck have you been?"
I had misjudged greatly the distance travelled and he had faithfully waited for me-what a mate. We ste of down the trail and a few minutes later we both remarked about the creatures in the trees and bushes around us. Everywhere ,on every exposed leaf and branch sat and hung these really fucking weird animals.Composed of piles of snow they were strange fucking alien larve,crazy conglomerations of every speices you can imagine in every possible comnination-we saw monkey octopus slugs,cat-eagle chicks,ape-dog worms all coiled and pulsing on every thing around us.
Reverting to the ancient d.n.a programming the lies coiled within we grabbed long stout sticks to defend ourselves.

Strange how quickly fear can revert to laughter,for as we lashed out at the animalsw we found to our wonder that as soon as the trees and bushes hosting these foul things were struck they were flung upwards and into a rainbow coloured cloud of drifting crystals like a catapult of some magical army.
Laughing to high heaven we danced merrily around,we were wizards dispelling justice,we were Zorro's defending helpless peasants,we were elves in the lost forests destroying ancient evil, we were great wise men who were merely getting rid of harmless nuicences in the halls of our minds.
the happiness we knew in those moments are pretty hard to transmit,their foulness and our joy was vast,onward we weaved down the mountain,at times losing the trail but safe in the knowledge of our weapons and wisdom, and guided by the golden labrador who had emerged from the snow to guide us the last km or so.
Mac went immediately into waqrm himself by the fire but i was still too high,afraid of straight people and the dark walls of the hostel,so i stayed outside and made large balls of snow which i proceeded to launch into the lake and stare at fascinated as it became transparent then dissolved into the dark flat surface of the lake.
What a day ,never have i had such a magical experience, the extremes were great and i regret nothing from that day. Many lessons learned from those few moments in the other world.p.s watch the shroom dope combo and get out into da nature.peace and good trips GAD

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