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No Big Whoop

The only time I ever tried the food of the gods was several years ago.

The only time I ever tried the food of the gods was several years ago. A co-worker's boyfriend had some friends who had found a field close by and had picked a bunch of these big, brown shrooms. It turns out that they were ripping people off on the price, (40.00 for a wet quarter ounce!) and lied about the potency. This guy told me he ate "one of the big ones" and saw the carpet growing all over te walls, floor disappeared into just a big, black pit, and plants spoke to him. I was all for it!

I bought a big shroom off of him ($40.00!) and split it with my now ex-wife. She tripped, I'm sure, because she crawled into bed and stayed under a blanket for a few hours saying, "I'm in a cocoon, it's great!" I got some light visuals (tracers, and mild closed-eye visuals) but nothing else. I was really disappointed. I went back to the guy that had sold the shroom to me and he gave me a couple more. I gave one to my little brother, which he ate, and swears it's the best trip he ever had. (he's a big acid head) I ate the the other one, and things intensified slightly, but it was about like eating some weak blotter.

Anyway, after reading all these trip reports, I REALLY REALLY want to have a good shroom trip. I ordered some spores from PF (PF & TC Races) and the jars look good after 7 days. I hope to have shrooms, and a much more interesting trip report for you all soon!

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