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clown in the fake

So this was about my third trip.

So this was about my third trip. It was my first trip with close friends which is why i think it was so pleasant.

The trip started in the Princeton battlefield, which is a beautiful battlefield with pillars and my favorite tree. This trip was sort of a circle in its progression. we walked around Princeton for the whole trip.

At first we were fascinated with the beauty of the nature all around us. we walked to a train trax and there were beautiful reds and browns all around us. the whole world in that place was reds and browns. we walked along the train trax for a while and stopped at these black- irridescent puddle things. we stared at them for a while- not sure of what they were- and appreciated their beauty. i reached out my finger to touch one and it ruined the irridescence. we had this communal thought that this was a metaphore for humans and the world. whatever humans touch they destroy.

this was a very depressing thought that i dwelled on for a while.

i looked up at the red and brown world and had the urge to paint everything bright colors. i mentioned this to will and he said that this world was beautiful as it was. i realized that he was right and this world where we were, in nature, could not be improved.

i still kept the urge to paint everything colors. (i have this urge on all my trips- sometimes with my hair*!)

we walked along to this section of grass and i was crawling on the ground. i began to pick the grass in huge handfulls and had the most delightful notion that it felt like crunchy lettuce in my hands.

we walked along to a volleyball court and s.c. picked up a tennis ball and threw it. we watched it land. he picked it up and threw it up again and it did not come down. he looked down, all around, then up at the tree above him. when he looked back at us the tennis ball fell right on his head. it was the funniest thing in the world. i laughed for so long. i still laugh when i think about it.

then we were walking on the public streets of princeton and there were other people there too. i felt like we were a bunch of cartoons walking through the real world. it was the three of us against everyone else in the world. i felt the large size of my feet. i felt like a clown slapping down my feet as i walked through this fake world that "they" thought was real. they were all diluded.

our journey continued to a pond. as the trip was wearing off. i wanted to jump in so badly but my friend wouldn't let me because his trip was worn off. my other friend had been dumping a water bottle filled with this scummy pond water on his head for a while because it was a hot day. we stood on the bridge as our trip wore off and realized how gross this was.

my final thoughts were that i could become this cartoon clown whenever i wanted again.

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