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Good intro - Ok trip

Setting: Home not-so-sweet home Dosage: 1.

Setting: Home not-so-sweet home
Dosage: 1.5g (maybe less cause my scale sucks) of fresh Equadors

Ok, this was a little more than I’d expected. I’ve tripped of DXM twice and found it to be interesting but not really that fun. DXM is a stay at home and fry kind of drug that isn’t good more than once, the upper levels are the only interesting ones and I always woke dazed and confused the next day. Uck…and never combine hash with DXM, I was seeing shifting shadows for a week and it kinda freaked me out.

Anyway, I read up on shrooms and as soon as I found out they carried little risk as long as I was careful I launched into a full grow operation. Shrooms are scarce in my area and rather than overpay for shrooms of dubious origin I figured I could grow my own and trip at my leisure. This trip was my first reward for my weeks of caring and anticipation…actually not really, growing shrooms is about as easy as farting…really, it is.

I picked the first mushroom to break it’s veil and weighted it in at about 1.3g, my scale is a shitty postal piece o’ crap so I think it was closer to 1.5. I munched the cap (yuck…very yuck) and sliced up the stems, threw them in a blender with some fruit and hit liquefy. I ended up with a coarse blend of ice and pear…not much of a smoothy but it tasted good. Went to watch TV while I downed the mix. I had a lot of tension….mainly because knew nothing could really prepare me for the next few hours. At about t+15 minutes I felt a kind of jittery buzz., the only thing I can compare it to was a really strong caffeine buzz. I’m waiting still, watching TV and I can feel it come on more and more. Whenever I focus on something it’s normal but things start happening in my peripheral vision that tell me something is definitely happening.

I’ve read nature is amazing when shrooming and God must have been humoring me cause the day was absolutely fuckin’ beautiful. Just looking out the window and I wanted to rush outside and frolic. I managed to contain myself and walked outside. Everything looked normal…but not…everything seemed to have an extra perspective added, a large tree about five feet away seemed so much more *there* than it usually was. I looked at it and I could see every line and detail, looking up the tree seemed to stretch and I almost felt like I was looking down. I wandered around outside thinking I was going somewhere until my brother came up and started asking questions. He’s younger than me but a little more experienced with psychedelics. I told him I was on shrooms and got kind of nervous. He told me to go back inside and I realized I kinda stupid for just wandering outside. I retreated to my room where I lay on the bed and felt the trip come on stronger. I had a sense of time but it didn’t make sense, I couldn’t remember when I took the shrooms and I was getting nervous again. After about an hour (?) of thinking deep thoughts I re-entered the world to see my brothers friends running around, one of them is a kid my age that makes me nervous. He shows me respect and all but he’s kind of a thug.

This might be when the trip took a turn for the worse. It didn’t ever get really bad because I hadn’t taken that much but I just started getting freaked out. A lot of the nervousness came from subconscious thoughts brought about by the mushrooms but they were still subconscious because I hadn’t taken large a dosage. I would go downstairs into the basement and think I was in hell…everything would start flashing and I’d be fine but my anxiety would go up a notch. This kept getting stronger until a friend called to say he was picking me up. I finally calmed down and rode of to spend the night at this kids house.

All and all this trip was a so-so trip per se, but a very good trip to start out with. I made a bunch of mistakes I will correct for the next time:

1) I assumed it would be like a DXM trip. This wasn’t true and I got a little overwhelmed by the mental side of the trip. All is good now tho because I know what a shroom trip is like :)
2) I confined myself to much. During DXM trips I could lock myself in my room with no troubles at all, just a screen saver and some music. This time I kept have energy surges that translated to increased anxiety when I couldn’t act on them. Music was a mixed blessing, Medeski Martin and Wood is amazing stoned but it varies to much in mood for a mental trip. In addition I *really* wanted to go outside but I couldn’t and inside seemed dark…both in reality and in my head.
3) Too many people I didn’t want to know I was shrooming. This obviously increased anxiety.

I had aimed for a level 1 or 2 I think I hit it on the mark. Even though I never really entered another world, but it was enough for me to get a taste without flipping because of the bad setting, and of course there’s always next weekend.

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