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i am knew at pickin shrooms, but i know the good from bad.

i am knew at pickin shrooms, but i know the good from bad.
well me and my friend go out to a pastor near my house.
we pick about 20 caps, avg. the size of a quarter.

after that we went home made shroom-aid at about 11:30pm
we drank the shit. and it took about 35 min. for me to start a weak trip. i was buzzed and laughing about stupid things that had no sense to laugh at. till about 2:30AM
but for about 15 min. i triped hardly. but just got a little taste of it.

well the carpet amazed me, there were ants everywhere.
and i was so amazed i got down eye level with the carpet,
looks, and i saw ants, and mushrooms (the bad ones) everywhere. it was so weird. i heard my friends askin me a question. cause he hadn't started to trip yet. but i didn't want to answer cause i was scared if i looked up to answer. then looked at the carpet everything would be gone.

then it wore off and me and my friend were just laughin.
he didn't get much. out of it. cause i cheated when i made the drinks

but this wasn't what i wanted. but it gave me a good taste of when i get much much more.

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