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For months me and my long time friend had been dedicating our tuesday nights tu shrooming tuesday's.

For months me and my long time friend had been dedicating our tuesday nights tu shrooming tuesday's. We were getting board with it being just the 2 of us so we decided to ask 2 of our other friends who had never done it before. So i grabbed a half ounce and we were going to each dose at the amount of a half quarter. That was normal for me and my buddy but totally new for our other 2 buddy's. The place we chose 2 trip was in my buddy's town house basement which was barely big enough for the 4 of us. The wodden walls in the basement had glow paint splattered all over it and on top of the ceiling,and 4 lava lamps and a huge fishtank that's why we decided to trip there, we all munched the shrooms around six of course from the new comers you get the "i'm not feeling shit" bout an hour later we were all on our way into our trip, watching the smurfs and toonworld one of the new comers had decided he was to fucked and thought he could sleep it off"we all know that's inpossible" so we let him chill out as wh stared at the walls and watched the various trails around us. I decided i should check on my friend who was kneeling on the side of the bed talk to well we still dont know but it wasn't one of us, as the night progressed the remaining 3 of us decided we wanted to order a pizza, so the second newcomer went up stairs with the guy who owned the house, guys mom was up stairs. So up they went guy talk to his mom as the other guy ordered a pizza, i must say this was only 2 hours into our trip, i'm just trippin out in the basement as i hear a thump on the stairs "thats odd i think " so i went to the stairs, holly fucken shit he's dead i think to my self i'm 2 hours into my trip and the newcomer is laying on the stairs in a cold sweat blue lips saying nothing so i yell up to my friend and his mom also comes down who happens to be a nurse all i was thinking was they gonna take him to the hospatil and find this shit in his system and i'm going to be booked. At this point my harts poundind and everyones tripping out. Luckly guy just woke up and finally came back to normal and struggled through the rest of his trip as the rest of us were still in shock. As we were coming off our trip we decided to take a wallk. My other friend bought a sub with hallapino peppers took one bite and staggard to a bench as i ran to get him some water that was the second time that had happened to him during a walk on shrooms.
That was one hell of a scary trip.


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