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The lunatic is on the grass

Ever since my first experience with mushrooms I had been dying to get my hands on some more.

Ever since my first experience with mushrooms I had been dying to get my hands on some more. They're rather hard to find in my area, so when a friend came back from a music festival with ~14 grams I was ecstatic. Two friends (the same two friends I had tripped with previously, T and B) and I bought 2g each, and decided to eat them at B's house a few days later.

I was a little nervous about doing shrooms again, because my first trip wasn't all that great. The atmosphere and people present (T, B, me, and two other friends) were much better this time though, so we ate the shrooms at about 9pm intending to stay up late and sleep in the next day. We sat around playing videogames while B rolled up a nice joint to begin our trip. We also had a gallon of orange juice that we split between the three of us right after eating the shrooms.

About 20-30 minutes after eating them I began to feel the effects of the shrooms. I didn't really notice anything happening, and then all of a sudden everything in the room was hilarious, very similar to a good marijuana high. I had a smile plastered to my face, and I started to notice a body high coming on too. This happened more slowly, but my legs began to feel heavy and slightly numb, along with my arms and to a lesser extent, the rest of my body. I was really enjoying this stage of the trip, and I was excited to keep going further into the mushroom experience.

40 minutes after eating the shrooms we went outside to smoke the jay, and I was feeling great. I could tell that T and B were feeling them too, but they didn't seem to be enjoying it like I was. Maybe I had a more positive mindset going into the experience, I don't know. We were all handling ourselves fine and built a small bonfire to smoke around. I remember the fire looking awesome, as I could see little spirals of flame lashing out from underneath the logs, and complex patterns of smoke rising into the air. After we had finished smoking the jay I remember moving to the opposite side of the fire to experience its beauty and complexity from all angles. When I looked at it from the other side I got completely different vibes from it, it seemed somehow sinister and evil. I didn't care though, I thought it was interesting that just looking at an object from a different angle could make it seem so much different.

I went back to my side and enjoyed the fire for a while longer. I got extremely relaxed when the weed kicked in, and I looked up at the stars, noticing that they were much brighter than usual. I could see the lights of a plane approaching from the distant sky, but as it got closer it hardly looked like a plane at all. It started to look like a person flying instead of a plane, and the five lights from the plane were actually the person's glowing head, arms, and legs. That weirded me out a little, but I just went along with it and had no problem enjoying the whole experience.

We headed back inside to watch a movie, and decided on Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii. Probably the best choice of my whole entire life. I enjoyed the video sober, but it was absolutely amazing while tripping/high. The music sounded so perfectly composed and executed, I was completely enthralled by it the whole time it was on. For most of the songs it shows clips of the band playing in an ancient, ruined amphitheater, with grass and other brush growing in the stands around the edges of the stage area. This patch of grass and stuff seemed to be moving around though, like when the camera would pan around the set this patch of grass would always follow it and move to a different section of the amphitheater. It was weird and I can't explain it well at all, but at the time I thought it was really cool. Also throughout the movie are shots of the band recording different stuff in a studio, and there was one piano that kept appearing with pink keys instead of white ones. Everyone in the room assured me they were actually white, but it didn't matter - they were pink every time I saw them. I loved the entire video and highly recommend it if you're a Floyd fan.

After that was over (about 2.5-3 hours after eating the shrooms) our two non-tripping friends had to leave, so T, B, and I decided to just chill and talk for a while. I looked over at the closet door at one point and saw the wood grain moving slowly upwards, flowing like a river. I watched that for what seemed like an hour before it suddenly stopped happening, and I realized it had only been about 20 seconds. We put on T's vinyl copy of Dark Side of the Moon and smoked two or three bowls to pass the time. Once again, Pink Floyd completely blew me away. It sounded better than any music I had ever heard, even though I'd heard the album many times in the past. T and B both agreed that it was amazing, but after it was over we were still tripping and getting bored, so we decided to head over to a path about 500 feet from B's house. Another excellent choice.

We snuck over to the path around 1 am and began to work our way around. This path makes a big circle around some prairie/plains type area and then cuts back through some extremely dark woods. We headed to the plains first and thoroughly enjoyed the stars and the nearly-full moon. Walking was enjoyable even though my legs still felt heavy, and the scenery was great. I wasn't really having visuals any more until we arrived at the forest, when I began to see glowing red eyes peering back at me through the brush on the side of the path. I looked at some of them more closely and could tell that these eyes had bodies too, but I could only make out their shadowy figures and not any specific details. They were about three feet tall and completely silent, and I wasn't afraid of them at all. It seemed like they were just curious about why we were there walking through their forest at 1:30 am, like they just wanted to watch and study us. It was weird, but I didn't mind their presence.

We finished our walk and headed back to B's house, where we all went to sleep right away. Great trip. I experienced no stomach discomfort at all during the trip, which I was very happy about. To sum it all up, I enjoyed every minute of this experience, and can't wait to go on a higher dosage trip of 3-4g.

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