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Last Day of School

Well, the day started out pretty much normal.

Well, the day started out pretty much normal. I went to school and my friend and I got our money together. I went to class and my friend Sarah walked in. She had a great smile on her face and I knew she had got the shrooms. I paid her and we got about 3/8. I sat silently through my last day of summer school... waiting until the bell rings at 12:30 so I can hurry home and take the shrooms.

My friend and I got to my house and ate about an 1/8th with some OJ each. It was my second time and his first so he didnt know what all to expect, but I had a pretty clar picture.

After about 20 mintues we didnt feel much, so we went outside and smoked a bowl. We felt different then a standard high so I knew the shrooms were kicking in. We sat down inside to play some Mario Kart 64 and thats when it hit me... I was totally fucked up. I kept yelling at my friend not to go on the upper levels in the game because I couldnt find him there, and he started to panic because I was yelling at him. I fell over laughing for no apparant reason.

We went outside again to have a couple of smokes, and when we came back in we were peaking. I was just laughing at everything he said and the way he said it. I grew tired of this and I popped in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas so we would have something to do, but my VCR ate the tape... this ended the peak for us.

For no reason we walked up the hill to look aout at the view of San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, and it blew our minds.

When we came back the the hosue he were getting more and more normal. The trip lasted about 4 and a half hours, but it came back a little after we smoked a couple of bowls that night.

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