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one crazy night

I always wanted to try mushrooms, and one day I finally had the chance at my friends house.

I always wanted to try mushrooms, and one day I finally had the chance at my friends house. There was about 6 or 7 guys there buying mushrooms from some guy (I have no idea what kind they were), so I decided to buy an 1/8. I was going to eat mine, but people started leaving, and I didn't want to trip alone, so I waited until 10:30 until my friend got off work. When he came to the house, I chomped mine down, along with him, and another friend. I also smoked some weed to kind of help the trip a little. 10 minutes passed by, and i felt pretty stoned, but I wasn't tripping yet. Then I walked out into the living room where a couple of people were listening to some music. We all just sat there and talked like a couple of stoned freaks for about a half an hour. Then one guy told me to get up and try and follow the fan. So I got up off the couch and looked up at the fan, and got my eyes on one part of the fan and followed it around. Everyone had a great laugh. I kept following it, spinning around like a stoned fool, then i felt something kicking in. My attention was focused only on the fan. I didn't think of anything else, then I started spinning all around the room, trying to follow the fan. When I felt like stopping, I plopped down on the couch, and had a big smile on my face. I looked over at my friend that got off work, and I suddenly started laughing like crazy. I couldnt stop laughing. One of my friends grabbed me and told me to calm down, but I couldn't stop. I got up off the couch again, and walked into one of the bedrooms and saw another one of friends laying on the bed. I sat down next to him, and stared at his face. His face started turning into an ape's face, then I shook my head and stood up and stared at this poster of that Volcano movie. The lava was flowing and shining so much I had to get out of the room. I went back into the living room to see everyone staring at me. I plopped back down on the couch and picked up the cat. I looked into the cat's face, and saw that it winked at me. I got a little scared then set the cat down, and went back to my friend in the room and said "we gotta get out of here, this place is scaring me." He got up and we both went to my car. He didn't eat any mushrooms so I let him drive. We drove around the block, and went back to the house. It seemed like 2 seconds even though it took 15 minutes. We got back in the house and saw that the friend that got off work was gone. I got really scared then. I asked everyone where he went, and they said that he just rode off on his bike and was saying he was gonna die. My friend and I ran back to the car to try and look for him. We drove up the streets and couldn't find him, so we went to his house, but on the way we heard screaming up ahead. I felt like I was 30 feet tall, and I couldnt even hear my voice, but I knew that that must have been him. The grass on both sides of the road seemed 20 feet tall, and I felt like I was on some jungle cruise. We drove farther down the road, and saw our friend walking his bike talking to himself, and saying he was going to die. I rolled down my window and the driver said, "Hey you aren't going to die, you just thought of something bad, and it's getting to your head", he said, "Yes, but I'm gonna die!! I feel like one side of me is the devil, and the other side is telling me to keep moving!!! I think these are bunk mushrooms man!!" I kept to myself, and didn't say anything. I was starting to sweat a lot. My friend kept on saying that I was gonna die too since I ate the mushrooms, and he said the driver was lucky that he didn't eat anything. I covered my ears and eyes, waiting for it all to be over. This confrontation lasted about an hour, but in the end the bike rider (I'll call him Sean) got back to his house and he was fine. On the ride back to the driver's house (Matt)I kept asking Matt if what Sean said was true. Matt said that we both didn't eat very much and you can't die from mushrooms unless you overdose. I still was pretty scared. We got back to the house and told everybody what happened. My trip started to slow down at that point. I still felt really high above the ground, but I had no more visuals at that point. Matt decided to go drive around, and see if he could find some more people on the road (It was now about 3:00 in the morning). He found a few guys, and they said they were going to a party, so we said what the hell! We went there and found a bunch of really young drunk girls, and they all piled into my car. One girl kept touching my head, and I just laughed. I told them all I was tripping on mushrooms, and they asked me if they could have some. Suddenly I heard a tap on the window, and guess who it was? The pigs. They told me to step out of the car, and asked me if I was drinking, I said no. I wasn't lying. Then they asked me if I smoked any pot. I said no, because it had worn off by this time. He checked my pockets, and found my pipe, that I totally forgot I had. I slapped my head, and thought "oh shit!"" they put me in the cop car, and called my parents to have them come and pick me up. One cop, a total dick, shined the flashlight in my eyes and laughed about how big my pupils were. Then after they checked my car, they said they found less than an ounce of marijuana. I couldn't beleive they said that, because I know I didn't take anything with me, so somebody must have stashed it in my car. By then I didn't feel very stoned anymore off mushrooms. My parents came by, and my mom drove my car home, and my dad drove me home. My dad smokes pot, so he didn't get very mad at me. I got home and layed down in my bed and for some reason I couldnt sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes I would get weird visions. So I stayed awake until about 11:00. By then my trip was gone.

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