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Eye of nature

I am Chris, i am adpoted from Guatemala i am 16 i am proud of my blood.

I am Chris, i am adpoted from Guatemala i am 16 i am proud of my blood. I have dreadlocks. On one certain date a few months back none of this mattered but all of it made the difference for i was indulge din the labors of my mind and the imagination i hold in my soul. Buying 20 beans worth of ig uess some kickass shrooms i went to 7th period and ate my shrooms in english class(my teacher was a clueless fat lady) and i was real anxious hoping my trip would be good. so i ate them and knew peopel were commin to my hosue afterwards so ther ei sat in englsih....just thinking of poems i would write and how i wish i grew up in my homeland...jsut reflecting(no effects at all yet its jsut who i am). Then i wlaked home and couldnt wait for peeps to come over. so there i was in my hosue after what seemed a loing wlak tho i walk it everyday...i couldnt keep my eyes off the clouds(jesus i musta looked liek the biggest freak from the people straing at me from their bedrooms windows). my thoughts i cant remmber all i know is that it some of the most beautiful mind poetry i ever thought.....nothing compared to what was to come. then i got home and in the living room which is huge and ha 4 huge ass windows i pressed my body against the windows and moved my fingers along with the branches of the giant willow tree dancing among the forceful wind. i started to cry. i just shed tears thinking of the world its injustices the tribulations we all must face...jsut totally losin my previous conscienceness about hwo i approach life....knwoing every second is a blessing. i trhen returned to my room wheere i rolled the fattest dime joint laced with shrooms dust and called my friend aaron and watched mtv and everything was wavy and just ltos of layers of what iw as seeing...definitely put floyd, marley and some mob deep in my stero...being adpoted by a well to do family is definitely a plus...but not w/o its burdens. then only to find no1 could come over i got depressed and new my friend Herb would make me see the light and the silver lining....i would think by myself and have time to do whatever i want..with no egos besides my own to confrtont...if even pleasantly..time was at my mercy. so there i sat out on my porch and smoked my joint and got soo roasted. then the major effects hit me....i left my body and i wasnt sitting watching the tree above me spinninglike the oldfashioned barber shop red and white striped signs thingys....no i was in the hollows of my imagintation..i was at the physical origin of my existance among the universe...i knew that whateve ri did to anybody whatever i said hwatver i thoght felt cried for faught for laughed at laughed with..wasnt anything. sure i influenced peopel and gianed experience throughout my time but none of this shit mattered. instant messaging. microwaving pizza breathing city air....nothing mattered. i was my self andpart of this social madnees that tunred against its origin....i felt so alien like it was a something from a dream.....i thought that there are things physiclal things in the universe that mean a helluva lot more han anything we could possible be worth. i felt that i dont eblong here i was seeing where my real home is on another planet in my midn i was feeling my home and another planet i lived on in the universe i was one with my spirit mind and sould liek my ancestors before me. i phisophically taught myself the ways of the world and the space surrounding it. i could feel music and art and peopel with nothing around me but trees nature and wind. I WAS SEEING NATURE THROUGH THE EYS OF NATURE!!!!!! i relaized a lot that day then i sat on the couch and watched movies thought i forget which ones prolly wall or my rage concert video or sumthing. i was totally fucked and just smiled and new that it had to come to an end sooner or later so i enjoyed it while it asted and felt great about myself. I havent tripped since then and tis been months so i use shrooms within moderatoin and have greta respect for the revelations it contains when released to our minds and imaginations. i wanna use the grow guides from this site but i wantto use the most efficient, smallest, most secret method available for a 16 year old.im defintiely not going to sell much if any..from experience i know that delaing can be a bitch and i ahve a phatpaying job so whats the point? i jsu twant to experience what every woman and man should experience. shrooms are my favorite drug, but herb is my brother, i love it its my other half. shrooms are my mother she teahces me greta things...please sum1 email me with ideas on how to secretly grow a few ounces of shrooms in just plane jars or which method is the best on this site to use for a small crop. legalize_it420@hotmail.com Peace One love! keep on shrooming my friends. =)

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