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Glowing radiation

my first trip was something i thought about for a long, long time.

my first trip was something i thought about for a long, long time. i had a history of some depression, so it was something i wanted to think about in extreme detail, and i spent countless nights researching on the internet. finally i decided i was ready, and found out that a friend i had recently reunited with was thinking the same thing. we bought mushrooms, and decided to dose together at a folk festival...
we were at folk fest, and the first night it was pooring rain and thundering all night, along with an incredible display of lightening. i was pretty bummed because i didn't think i would be able to trip, seeing as how i didn't want my first trip to be huddled underneath a tent, soaking wet.
the second day at sunset, it looked like rain again, but my friend was so anxious to dose, and she had met up with a really nice girl she knew who had dosed the night before, and wanted to dose with us and be our experienced buddy. so we sat in our tent and ate our mushrooms at about 7:40 pm...
i didn't even mind the taste, and everyone had warned me that they were absolutely disgusting, which worried me since i have a sensitive stomach. almost immedietely we began to feel a little heavy and woozy, almost like being stoned, only more clear, and more... pure... we decided to go outside and walk around and see some people we needed to see, and wait...
an hour later, my friend and i felt practically nothing, so we decided to go eat some more. the second time they were a little harder to get down, especially for my friend, who started feeling sick. i only felt a tiny bit nauseous, but nothing enough to bother me. she went off with another friend do dance in the concert area, and i went with our buddy to her friends tent to smoke a bowl.
after smoking bud, i definitely started feeling a little different. i felt really warm and heavy, and i could have been perfectly content walking around the campground all night smiling and looking at people. it was at this point that i discovered the beauty of these mardi gras beads some guy had given me earlier. i jingled them with my finger and i saw each frame of movement as they moved, like one of those little books you flip with your finger, and it's like a cartoon. as we made our way towards the concert area, a tent of drunk people stopped us and asked my buddy to tell a joke. she proceeded to tell a great one about bird masturbation, and told it well, for which they gave her a beer, and asked us to come back to participate in the naked pyramid at 2 am. i was absolutely enthralled, standing there watching her tell this joke, and watching the people laughing and giggling and yelling. it was like a small adventure in and of itself...
as we left the campgrounds, we ran into another friend of mine who was with some people i knew. this girl has beautiful dreadlocks, and that night she had them in pigtails. as soon as i saw her i started smiling, (if i ever stopped...) and my smile grew into a giggle, which turned into a laugh, and i went to hug her. i noticed that night that i put my whole self into hugs, and wanted to hug everyone i liked who i knew and saw. i told her how beautiful her dreads were, and how happy they were making me, and i was absolutely taken with her for them! i asked if i could take a picture, and she told me she was really glad they made me so happy, cause i think she knew i was tripping.
when we finally got to the concert, at the gate there was this big guy named chickie who was holding a big bag of glitter and sprinking it on this woman. it was beautiful to watch the sparkles fall in a stream onto her face and her back, and my buddy and i knew right away, without even needing to say to each other, that we needed glitter, too. it fell on my eyelashes and for a bit i saw sparkles whenever i opened my eyes, and i looked at my buddy and she was so beautiful! she was covered in it. there were these two incredible scottish women up on stage, the wrigely sisters, and they were playing this incredibly intense song - the one played violin, and the other, guitar. i stared at the big tv screen next to the stage the whole time they played, and was even more interested in watching the people in the dancing area adjust their speed and intensity of dancing to that of the womens' music. it seemed like the most magical, funny thing in the world! when i saw my friend, she gave me a huge hug and told me she was having an incredible time dancing, and i knew she was feeling fine.
everyone loved our glitter and asked where they could get some, and we went outside the concert to have a cigarette, and chickie seemed a little distressed that i had told all of these girls about him. two other girls came up to me and asked if he was sprinkling people for free, and i couldn't believe they thought they would have to pay, i started giggling and i guided them over to him and they were so grateful - i think they were tripping, too...
i felt a happiness and a sense of goodness i can't remember experiencing before, and especially with the glitter, i felt like it was glowing from me. i was so happy, and i wanted to hug everyone and say hello, and there was such a good vibe going around, i was so glad to be there tripping!! the night had cleared up and it was absolutely a perfect sky - earlier we had watched the moon rise, and go from a misty orange to a bright, blinding white, which illuminated all the clouds and brightened the stars. everything was radiating good feelings! everyone i saw that i knew, i gave a big hug to. when my friend and i were together, we were smiling at everyone and kept hugging and giggling and everyone kept telling us that we were making them want to trip from seeing us, and sending them our happy vibes, and some people even told us we were radiating happiness, and our faces were glowing with bliss.
back at the concert, i smoked some more bowls, and then i started to feel more mellow and less euphorically happy. i also finished off our mushrooms with my buddy; we had eaten a 1/4 between the three of us, but our buddy and i had eaten more than my friend. at this point dar williams was playing and i watched her face on the big tv screen and she was so beautiful and each word she sang had it's own intense emotion to go along with it, and it all came through on her face! she had all of these deep, articulate facial emotions during each song, and i was in absolute awe. around her, when my eyes were staring out of focus, i saw a whole scene of faint geometric patterns moving and blowing around, all of them in all colors of the rainbow all at once, and when i looked at people and objects, this started to happen, too. i felt like these colors and patterns were always there happening, but that i just happened to be catching them, like i was a single spectator out of millions, and i was lucky enough to sit back and enjoy them. so i did - i watched and i listened to the music, and it was absolutely a perfect feeling of contentness with the moment.
i was sitting with non-trippers, and they were a little annoying because they just wanted to keep me calm, and i don't think they realized that i was tripping very lightly, so when i asked where the security person was that they were talking about, they thought i was freaked out so told me not to worry, that they were gone. then this guy kept moving his hand towards and away from me, saying how he loved to play with trippers, and i guess he just didn't realize that it didn't look like anything special to me...
after the concert, we walked back to the campground, and we had lost our buddy. my friend said she was pretty much done her trip because she hadn't really smoked bud, and she danced all her energy away - that whole time i was sitting and adventuring, she was dancing!! we walked through this wooded area which was illuminated with tall, bright lights, and it looked unbelievably like a movie set, or something fake. we laughed for a while about it, and just couldn't believe how small it looked, like we were ten feet tall walking through this scaled-down forest.
back in our tent, i smoked a large bowl of midis by myself. this was around 1 am maybe and i still felt i was tripping a little. we were pretty hungry, too. as i smoked the bowl, i was smoothing my thumb over the stem of the glass, and it felt almost liquid, it was so smooth - i wanted to tell my friend, but then this couple came into earshot, and they were in front of our tent screaming at each other, and although i was pretty ok about it, my friend really disliked hearing people yell, so she wanted to leave, but i knew that would have been silly to let them know we were there. they eventually left and the bad vibes went away, until we had to use the port-a-potties. it wasn't that bad except there were these drunk crazy people around, and one of the bathrooms was being rocked violently back in forth - from the inside! i was afraid that someone in there was freaking out, which made me a little scared to go in one, too. then we were walking around the campground, and i guess i had smoked a lot of pot. because even though i didn't really feel like i had, i started feeling dizzy and a little sick, and then i had a buzzing in my ear, and i felt like i was having a gigantic head rush, and kept leaning my head down. but it didn't help because the buzzing kept getting worse and i knew if i didn't sit down i would faint, so of course it was right in front of the tent labled 'folkin' drunks' that i had to sit down, where there were beer cans covering the ground and drunk guys sitting around. my friend really didn't want to be there, but i knew i couldn't get up, and she thought i was starting to freak, but my mind was clear- i just couldn't stand up! needless to say, i went back to the tent, and after a short bit of seeing scenes in front of me while my eyes were closed, and some color visuals, i fell asleep. that was around 1:30 or 2.
despite a rocky landing, my first trip was incredible. i had so much fun, and it prepared me for a more intense trip. it was the perfect time to do it, and with perfect people around. the next day i felt extremely drained all day long, and went to bed early. despite getting more sleep during the entire festival than all my friends, i still slept for 19 hours straight when i got home!! happy, safe, intelligent tripping to everyone, and thanks to the shroomery for providing us virgins with such a great resource!

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