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trips huh?

trips huh? i tripped foe first time in like 6 months and here wahati gotta say

i visited asia in my backyard with pagaoda temples teaching me teikwondo..when i knew nothing of the art. Lions spoke to me in a Higher word of howmusic was as naked as we and therefore it cannot and must not be exploited with commercial and hollow ideas. i understood (from whatmy girlfriend told me later on) that speaking to my penis brought revelations of snakes and the planets they inhabit all for themselves and the new worlds they can create. My penis became the slithering Snake of Life that wrapped itself around my body and twisted its head into other rooms. all this came to me after 3 hits of the best acid i ever took....it was called TriangleGreen. this was just yesterdya and althought i cannot remmeber much i can remmber tripping well into the night and speaking to my dead mother who danced behind the moons<plural :)> i remmber a field of Giant grapes that chased me around and thru ancient Greek collumns. but the most vivid image was when i went inside my mind...jesus i was told b 4 friends and my girl thast i cried and hid underneath my bed when i started screaming of a whitewall that consumed the planet and i wasnt gonna be another victim. later now i alayze this and realize i really am building wall simliar to Pink and at the end of my trip i remmber thinking warm thoughts after seeing an angel simply movie aside the wall and kiss my stomach. then i gave birth to red pyramids from out of my naval. last i remmber i tried to engage my penis in sexual intercourse with a melting woman whos dried up hair felt like velvet to my touch. then i guess i was givin 2 more htis and i remember finally fkying thru space with millions of brigt colors that hadnt been discovered yet and i guess i Laugghed for 10 minutes striaght adn then without notiuced i was told i passe dout. i just woke up 4 hours ago...as cool as it was id rather stick to shrooms...acid was too much everything..too much Life.

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