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So I was bored out of my mind one Saturday morning during work.

So I was bored out of my mind one Saturday morning during work. My Savior arrived in the form of an angel called Dermot (friend). “So what are you doing tonight ?” he asked with a knowing grin as he threw a bag down on the coffee table. I looked in….there inside were hundreds of the little darlings. Dermot had been a busy boy out on the golf course ( he doesn’t play) collecting our little friends.

Later that evening………..a group of us took the train into town (Dublin). The highlights for me were the electric flourescent seagulls flying up and down Grafton Street around midnight. Never seen them before or since but hey maybe they were lost that night. Also gave CPR to a Burger King Whopper but it died on us anyway. You win some you lose some. At least we tried. The movie was the best I ever saw. I forget the name of it now - the first interactive movie I have ever seen. Didn’t realise technology had reached that level yet. The actors spoke to me and it was all deep meaningful stuff believe me.

Monkey woman (an annoying girl who was with us) wouldn’t stop talking but I managed to freak her out. I shouldn’t have done it I know. Its not cool at all but the power man – its true that it corrupts absolutely. Kept telling her “Bagavad Gita !” Bagavad Gita !” She thought I had some secrets etc (all head games but funneee !)

Slept well and looking forward to the next virtual reality film. Hey maybe this is virtual reality and the mushroom trip is real. Anyone seen the Matrix ….?

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