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The Life in Lights

A few months ago, two friends and I decided to invest our money in some dank shrooms.

A few months ago, two friends and I decided to invest our money in some dank shrooms. This was our first time. We only got a 1/8 to share between us. So we decided to take them after my dad went to sleep. Around 9:00 he went to bed and we munched down, with a glass of water. We ate a bowl of cereal and waited. I laid on my bed and talked to them about the day. It had been about 15 minutes and I started to feel a little light. I told my friends about it, they too said they were starting to feel it too.

About 45 minutes later I noticed the other wall looked like it was leaning in. I started laughing, but didn't feel like explaining to my friends on why. I started to get some creative rushes, so I took some oil pastels into my closet, turned the dim light on and started to draw. I was getting very adgitated by my frinds and wanted to be left alone, but they kept coming in and drawing on my paper. I finally gave them the paper and explored my room in the dark. I realized how incredible stupid it was for me to be crawling around my room, I started to laugh and laughed even harder because I know I was on shrooms(does that make sence?).

I told my friend Greg that we needed to explore my house. We left my friend Jessica in room and as we walked through the kitchen I started to fell very cat like, because of the moonlight and the fact that I was sneeking about my own house. I started crawling and told my friend to act like he was a cat. I don't really remember if he did, but I was having too much fun to notice. I got to my living room and it was so majestic. I crawled around and couldn't decide on where to go. Then I saw the moonlight pouring through the window, there was my destination. I slowley crawled over a chair to get there, and when I finally did, I was disapointed that the moon was so far away. So I sat down in the chair and said that "trying to reach the moon would be like trying to touch the stars", but when I said it all I heard was some mumbling.

My friends were sitting on the couch looking at me in a funny way. We all started to laugh, I don't remember how, but we ended up laughing so hard that we were all crying. All of a sudden my fathers voice boomed, from his room, for us to shut up. We all looked at each other in surprise and laughed even harder. We went back into my room and turned on some music, but we couldn't find anything that suited us. We finally decided on Bjork. We had the lights out and we looked out in my front yard. It looked so wonderful in the moonlight. We wanted so bad to go out there, but we thought that my dad would here us and automaticly know what were doing. Greg retreated into the bathroom and Jessica into my closet. So there I sat in my room. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. So I just sat there and thought about how much my orange chair looked like a canyon, painted orange.

My curiosity got the best of me and I went to see why Greg was in the bathroom so long. I knocked on the door and he told me come in. There he sat head in his hands, staring at the tile on the floor. He told me that it was breathing. I looked and didn't see anything. I told him that we should go back into my room. He left and on my way out the door I caught my reflection in the mirror. I watched my self for a while, I looked so different, it took awhile me awhile to convince myself that it was me. I soon got bored of myself and watched the wall paper. The flowers were swaying in the breeze and I felt that I was somewhere else.

I went back into my room and, out of habit, I turned the light on. Whoa, that really sucks. But I turned it of quikly and stared into a poster on my wall, it looked like it was trying to suck me in. But it didn't sucseed. I sat down in my chair and watched the ouside world.

I noticed that my eccentric nieghbor still had Christmas lights on. They were so full of magic. I stared at them and started to think about how wonderful life is, I was so happy to be alive. The lights spoke to me in a silent language. They told me about the meaning of life and how I should embrace it and not try to fight it, because life would take care of me. I was so euphoric. I felt like I was swiming in it. Then someone turned the lights off. Holy shit! They killed my friend. I was in shock. I turned around in disbelief to my frinds and told them that we had to go to my nieghbors house and tell them what they had done. They looked at me like I was crazy. I thought about it and it was kinda crazy. So I stared at where the lights used to be, longing for them. I thought about why they turned off. They had to be turned off for a reason. Not just a physical reason, but a spiritual reason. I told my friends that the lights had symbolized life, and just when we take them for granted, that they would go, and only then would we realize how much we needed them. They told me to shut up and that I just shroom'n.

Jessica started crying, and I couldn't undersand why( I hate drama when your on drugs). She was stutering and I thought that that she had been touched about my speech on life. I told her to spit it out. She told me that she really likes my ex-boyfriend. I told her that I didn't mind and that I was happy for her(I later decided that I didn't feel that way).

Then things started to get really wierd. I felt like I was watching myself. Greg and Jessica were talking to me and I couldn't really understand what they were saying. I knew the words, but they lost there meaning completly. But it wasn't scary, just really wierd. I must of sat there listen to them blaber for hours.

I finally got out of my trance-like state and found a million different patterns in my wall paper. I started to get tired and drifted off. But while I closed my eyes I saw so many different patterns. It was great. I'll be shroom'n again soon, maybe within a week. I can't wait.

Happy Shroom'n,

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