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%100 MOE

I gobble 5 dried grams of b+ right.

I gobble 5 dried grams of b+ right......I go to the mall and chill out a bit, then go get a smoothie---its been hotter than twin donkey nuts in the shade in atlanta............after watchin the news, I learned that some crazy bastard shot up a stock brokerage firm......I get the shakes, then my eyesight lessens....WHOAH, this never happened when I tripped before------what the fuck Ryche Hawke, what kind of spores did you send me?? I smoked some weed and chilled out just a bit more...I looked up and realized that I was sitting in the beauty solan at JC penny, looking at TV....I got up and stumbled to the door..I looked at this lady who was staring at me funny, so I stared at her back...I flipped her off outta nowhere---WHOAA! I gotta get outta here....I went to my parked car and puled out my dick and took a piss...WHOA!!! what the fuck is wrong with my brain???? I do shit, then I think about what I did.........

I stepped in the car and it turned into a plane cockpit------I was totally lost---I turned on the car and backed out-----I was gone man---I looked and drove as usual. My body was on auto pilot. I knew how to drive, but i was somewhere else while I was doing it.......goooooodddddamn!!! I woke up in a bedroom...I was getting a blow by this fat chick that I used to fuck just for the hell of it...she wasnt really fat, she just had HUGE tits.....she also gave GREAT bj,s.. she'd make my cum squirt FAR as shit...what a good jerker she was too....I left her and she was all confused..I was shrooming bad and started to cry.

I smoked som e weed and decided to drive to alabama...I did too!!!

welcome to birmingham--I saw the fucking sign..I flipped a bitch and went back to atlanta. I was scared...hrtis traktor trailor was barreling down my ass..I got into the slow lane......a pebble smacked my windshield scaring the shit out of me-----I was all of the sudden sober---I went back home and slept like a fucking bum on a subway grate----I woke up face down in a bowl of frosted flakes..


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