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camping in hell

k, i was a big pot head (WAS), it was mushroom season in BC, and all my friends were doing shrooms.

k, i was a big pot head (WAS), it was mushroom season in BC, and all my friends were doing shrooms. i was new to the shrooms, but as i was driving up with my friend cameron to the spot we were supposed to be camping at, i knew i would be safe, and i was in a good mood, so what the hell, eh?
anyway, i took the mushrooms on the way up to the campsite, and by the time we got up there, it was pitch black. as soon as we got out of the car, there was nothing. no fires (it freaked me out, because it was only around midnight) it was if i was totally blind. i had to keep opening the car door to assure myself i wasn't. we couldn't find the campsite, because the rest of them were camped up on a hill, and it was soooooo dark, and we had no flash light, only a piddly ass lighter. anyway.

we started a fire right where the car was parked, in the dirt parking lot, and just sat around and had some pretty interesting conversations. (do you know why fire emits light? i know it has something to do with an excited electron leaving its valence shell, but what the hell is light?....anyway, i digress...)

it turns out that the rest of our friends were camped up on the hill right beside us, and they claim to have waited up until two in the morning, waiting for us to show up. i know i checked my watch at midnight! they would have heard the car, or seen the fire. there were absolutely no fires going!!! the old people camping beside us said that when they woke up, their fire was still glowing with embers...and that they didn't even hear us talking! ( i swear that we were arguing VERY loudly at some points!) what the hell? so now i don't know if the night happened the way i remember it, or if something completely different was going on??? my friends might have been trying to freak us out, but the old people? I apologized to them because i thought that they had been telling us to stop yelling during the night, but i guess not.

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