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I did do my shrooms last Saturday.

I did do my shrooms last Saturday.
To be safe, I measured a small dose of 1.25 grams....
I was at the apartment of my dearest friend. She was my sitter.
I ate them around 7pm. laid on the couch and relaxed.
About 25 minutes later, I believe I felt them enter me.
Sort of a little "charge" feeling.
Then nothing more for like 20 more minutes.
Then while my friend was trying to fix her speaker, everything she did bacame EXTREMELY funny to me.
I was laughing so hard, I was crying.
Then My hands became extrememely cold, not just to me, but to her as well.
And my veins appeard to be very small. Also not just to me.
This concerned me. I was convinced that if my veins were doing this, so must my heart be as well.
I quickly turned that thought off.
And began laughing again.
I wanted to go outside, but it was raining and VERY cold.....
So i went anyway.
Went to the store on the corner. And while admiring a Tide(animal killers) box, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Pepsi, R2D2 display.(I HATE Star Wars)
So upon investigation, I discovered that R2D2 brought me nothing but pure joy and laughter.
And I proceeded to partake in his wonderful gift.
I had to be escorted by my friend from the store.
Once outside, she proceeded to take pictures of me carrying a roll of toilet paper.(?)..
Went back to her place, cuz I HATE the rain...
I laid down and rolled around and laughed my fucking ass off for a couple of hours.
Tried to watch tv. that totally brought me down. Turned it off.
Drank some more of my OJ in the glass that kept rolling from my mouth.
Then my friend made out with me for a while.(we are extremely close, and she knew I wanted to experience these things).
So we made out with chocolate... What could be better then Making out, and chocolate??
I slowly began to come down, and played with my alien that says "take me to your leader" and "Beam me up",
Ate more chocolate, my friend played the guitar for me, i finished my orange juice, took a vitamin, and went to sleep.

overall, extremely enjoyable/pleasureable.
Although I really had no visual hallucinations at all.
moreso just new thought patterns.
And now I am closer to R2D2 then I ever thought I would be.

Next time I will double my dose....

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