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Meeting with Death

The first time I ever took shrooms alone, I took 2.

The first time I ever took shrooms alone, I took 2.7 g's of obviously potent cubensis mushrooms. It started to kick in in 15 minutes. At 25 minutes(I was keeping track because I was so suprised at the fast onset) i had full blown visuals, and a terrible cold feeling, that I have come to recignize as the feeling I get immediatly before a visit from the Logos. At this point in my psychedelic career, I only took mushrooms in groups, so had never been able to focus enough to hear things. Anyways, to say the least I though I was schitzo. I live 20 min walk from a prestigios mental hospital and seriously though abouth going there. I'd never had this voice on LSD or shrooms before, both of which I had done many times bofore. Anyways, I had just read Castaneda and the part where don Juan intimates that DEATH is a spirit that lives with each of us as a sort of helper. His tecnique to prove it's existance is to quickly turn your head to the left. If you get a shiver, you were fast enough to catch a quick glimpse of Death. I did this more as a joke. I was planning to smoke a lot of weed and watch a move. Anywayz, to make a long story shorter, I saw a skeleton with no skin, but all the muscles(more cartoonish than scary in appearance, but it's what he SAID). He told me all kind of things about death and life, how death is a natural process of life, the afterlife etc... He also told me to stop my bad habits and that If I ever did mush or LSD again he would make me go nuts. Needless to say, I researched the voice phenomena and ran across Terence McKenna. Now I have heard the voice several more times(on mushrooms, between 2 and 4 grams each time) and it seems to tell me the same things it tells Terence ie:2012, aliens being humans from the future etc... What I want to know is if the voice ever told TM that it would make HIM go crazy... Because to most people on this planet(including me if I'm sober) all that shit sounds crazy! But I have to say that those voices feel in my heart to be the most logical and uncrazy thing in the universe!(Really, all they say, if rationalized from a belivers standpoint, makes absolute perfect sense!ie:stop polluting, live every moment to the fullest, be peaceful etc...) Anyways, I hope someone can tell me of an experience with the Logos and what it told them.

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