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Mountain Trek

The mushroom season had come late in my area and myself and some colleagues searching for "experiences" were rather pleased to find mother nature offering generous amounts of mind altering psilocybin-FOR FREE!

The mushroom season had come late in my area and myself and some colleagues searching for "experiences" were rather pleased to find mother nature offering generous amounts of mind altering psilocybin-FOR FREE!We had experienced their effects before, but had only just started at the end of the previous years season once we'd got to grips with picking and dosing. The only trips I'd had were probably leval 1, with a couple of slightly stronger sensations (ground breathing when lying down, staring at grass as though it were from another planet) but nothing more.

Since we were quite accomplished at buddha smoking i.e.not just smoking to chill but to try and meditate/space out/philosophise (as it was the only reliably accessible drug at the time) we felt fine with delving into the world of psychedelics. I took one dose of approximately 30-40 of those little semileniceata chappies and found I was thinking in a "wise religous man-type way" as my mate put it, but nothing else (I was a little disappointed) so to while away the time on a holiday to southern France with my parents (not the most exciting people) I took over about 100-120 mushies (not necessarily with plans to take them in one dose). I wasn't sure when to take them, but when my dad told me of the journey to a ruined monastrey on a big mountain with a spectacular view of many miles around, I thought the whole becoming one with nature thing would work well, and I would also have time to think to myself on the long journey there.

I ended up eating the whole batch (it was just too tempting) and immediately set off on the two hour car ride on a beautifully sunny day. At first I was just listening to some fairly un-trippy tunes to soak up the time and later moved on to a Mixmaster Morris ambient mix, and by this time was feeling kind of laid back although I put this down to the tunes rather than the shrooms. But when I moved on to my "stoned sounds" tape something was definitely building. I began slip into the musig more, let the feeling flow into me raher than pick out melodies, and I became a little less with it and a little more disorientated.

We then stopped for a break and as soon as we got out the car I felt like I was walking on air, or at least my feet were carrying a considerably lighter load. We went into a bar or cafe (can't really remember which) and I ordered a coke. In the corner were two slightly dodgy looking geezers playing pool and the sound of the balls rolling inside when potted was so distinct and had such a clear set of stereo echoes I could have been inside it. There were also people talking in French around the place and I could pickout every sound with it's distinct sonic ripples, but couldn't understand it (I don't speak French) and so this seemed slightly dis concerting, but I shrugged off the nagging "they're plotting against you" type thoughts. I was'nt with the conversation either as I was watching the ceramic tile patterns turn to waves of snakes, but remember seeing my parents laughing as my dads head bulged and my mums face turned into that of a chimunk as their skin swirled. I looked to my lap to find a persian cat snuggled up in my fleece (this was'nt a hallucination as my sister told me about it later, I just don't know how it got there) and the marble design on the table was swirling. As I was not expecting this kind of shit I got a bit paranoid and went back to the car. Crossing the road only added to my anxiety and once I got in the car I started panicking on what might happen if it gets worse, whilst at the same time the car was melting, shifting and breathing. Isought salvation with my music when we set off, and after we'd come out of a valley with incredibly coloured rockfaces and a waterfall I'd won the battle for my mind and was feeling confident for the trip ahead, the sun burst into my eyes and at the same time The Orb's "Li'l Fluffy Clouds" came in-surely a good omen. I then switched to a tape I'd made previous to coming on holiday for tripping to, and it was the first time I'd listened to it since making it. I put on tunes where there was a real epic, uplifting, earth loving feel with many classic trippy effects (oceans of fx, echoing) and where in the songs all the sounds built up an aura of sound rather than the one droning chord of much modern ambieb THIS IS NOT FINISHED I MUST GO WILL FINISH IT TOMRROW I WILL LEAVE IT HERE BECAUSE I CANT SAVE IT DONT POST IT YET

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