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Color Changing Waves

Ahh yes the joys of being a teen.

Ahh yes the joys of being a teen. I was on my way to score some shroomz!It was going to be the 3rd time I at mushroomz. It was better than waking on Chritmas morning and opening all those presents under the tree! I was told these were excellent and not to eat more than 3 to 4 caps & stems! So being the smart ass I am I had to eat 6 and I smoked the shit in the bottom of the bag for shits and giggles I had to share these with some friends, so Myself and 3 others easily polished off that 1/4 bag like nothing. After about 1hr I definatley had a good body buzz going all 4 of us just chilling out, then I started to space out and shit started movin and turning colors The carpet was dark brown on one side of me and bright ocean blue on the other side, time seemed to stand still and shit just kept going. Now I was only a few blocks away from Lake Michagan so of course We walked out to the lighthouse! It was really windy and the waves were flying almost over my head totally changing colors and shit!!! It was the best and ever scince that night I have shroomed atleast once a week. Lets see now that was 8weeks ago!! Shroomz 4 EVER!!!!!!!

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