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The kitchen people

I heard the following story on a N'sync tape I played backwards: "Are you sure you want to eat those?

I heard the following story on a N'sync tape I played backwards:
"Are you sure you want to eat those? There's gonna be a lot of people here I know you don't like." Those were the words of my friend "Will", I should have listened to him, but I just said fuck it, lets eat them anyway. I laid the sack of fungus on the table and me and "Will" started eating about 2 grams of them. While we were eating them some dude walked in that I never met before and asked me if he could by some of the fungus. He had nuver eaten it before and I didn't have that much so I sold him a small handfull for $5. After 10 minutes he didn't feel anything so I gave him a few more and I kinda felt like I was being dumb for giving him so many but it was his first time and I was feeling generous. He left and then some more people stopped by and we started to watch "The Matrix". That movie is badass, I'm telling you. After a while a bunch of people show up and the dude I sold them to came back and said he didn't feel anything, which was too bad because I was out. He claimed I ripped him off but he didn't do anything about it so I let it go. After a while I'm ouside smoking some herbals and drinking a little and was enjoying myself and then I started watching the movie again. After a while "Will" starts talking about how the people upstairs in the kitchen are listening to the cd's we brought over and we start making fun of them a little for acting like they know anything about the music they're listening to and the fact that they would like anything if it was popular. That was the kind of people that were haniging out in the kitchen. "Will" just starts talking a bunch of crazy stuff about how the people outside were more like our people than the people in the kitchen and anyways we go outside and smoke a bit more and more people show up and "Will" starts talking about people who like the camera and how most of the people in the kitchen liked the camera. After that me and "Will" decide to leave because the party sucks and I have to take my cd's and one of them was playing when I took it and I got a bunch of shit for that. On my way out of the kitchen I had to squeeze through some people and one of them started talking shit and called me a bitch so I mumbled something under my breath but I guess he heard me and on my way out of the house he threw a beer at me. When I got outside he got in my face and this guy was almost 3 times my size and I was under the influence of fungus and it really sucked when he punched me in the jaw and knocked me over the back of "Wills" car and knocked my glasses off. I got up and my head was realling and all I could say was "dude" over and over. Then I got in "Will"s car and we left. On the way to a friends house "Will" only drove about 10 miles an hour all the way through town. By the time we got to a friends house I couldn't remember the order of anything that happened that night and I was just about freaking out. When we were in "Maries" house I just sat there and tried to collect my brain while "Will" just talked and talked about the people in the kitchen and people who liked the camera. After a while though we both came down a bit more and "Will" drove me home. I don't think I'll take any fungus at a party where I don't know the people that well again, that's for sure.

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