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wished i was sober

A bunch of my friends and I decided to trip on shrooms on night.

A bunch of my friends and I decided to trip on shrooms on night. so my friend B and I invited them over to the apartment. The guy who grew them said they were pretty weak ass shrooms but if we take enough of them they should get us trippin. We ate them around 10:30 that night and a bunch of people who we hated showed up asking about a party. After about an hour of kicking people out of the place we still felt nothing. So we decided to watch the Matrix. Through the entire movie we felt like shit. All of the sudden we'd feel as if we were starting to trip then we'd open our eyes and we be normal but just really stoned. It sucked so bad and i never wished to be sober that much in my life! so later we all went into the garage and smoked Opium and we all felt better. i almost gave up on mushrooms that night but a couple weeks later we got some really good ones. So now my faith is restored.

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