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Pleasant Surprise

I was up visiting some friends at University, and one of them mentioned that there would be a large party on Halloween Night.

I was up visiting some friends at University, and one of them mentioned that there would be a large party on Halloween Night. He said that the host was taking advance orders for mushrooms, should anyone want some. I proffered to purchase two grams, figuring that I would save them and not take them at the party. The reason for doing so was that I knew I would be at a party of strangers, and didn't want to run the risk of a bad trip. Fast forward a few weeks, and its halloween night. I arrive at the party with K, E, D, K2 and S. They are all friends, but I'm close friends with K and E. Anyway, I survey the scene and discover much to my surprise that the party is slow to fill up. I also discover three kegs of beer, which is a nice surprise since I wasn't planning on shrooming. I also discover that this party is made up of mostly high school students. i figured that wouldn't be a problem, just wasn't a university crowd I was expecting. Time passes, I have a few drinks and notice that although the party is starting to bump, it is STILL an almost entirely high school party. "What the hell" I figure, as I down one of the Grams I had bougt. I ate along with K, E, and K2. After about 15mins, that familiar buzzing started in my arms and legs, followed by a high level of excitement and anticipation. The hostess had been selling these to customers for 15 a gram, whichis not unreasonable I guess, but usually price is 10. That's what I paid anyway. I get momentarily distracted talking to an 18-year old girl dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (complete with Red slippers). When I catch up with K, he is tripping his face off. Not talking, sweating, and just massively tripping out. Anyway, E and I decide to go for a walk. We discover a huge orange cat roaming the neighborhood. It seriously had the biggest coat of fur I'd ever seen. The feeling of petting it was absolutely heartwarming. We return to the party, and I discover K2 is laughing her ass off uncontrollably. I thought I was doing a good job of staying cool, but was surprised to see all of my friends tripping their ass off. So I go for a walk by myself, because it seems that I was the only one who could handle the drugs. I discovered a pool table in the basement and shot a few games with a girl dressed like a fairy . All in all I'd have to say the night was ok. But here's a few things to keep in mind when you're tripping (Please remember that many of the trip reports posted here are written by 15 year old kids who are shrooming at school or in front of parents. I don't condone those actions, but I guess I can't criticize them that much either. Suffice it to say that my best experiences have been: 1. In nature (see level 2 trip:The smell of Wood) 2. At concerts (see level 2:Shakedown and P-Funk) 3. With a few close friends And also realize that the number of bad trips reports posted are usually caused by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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