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The Wall

This event occured 2 months ago, i´d been picking 30 semilanceatas in my back yard and decided to take them after the midterm test.

This event occured 2 months ago, i´d been picking 30 semilanceatas in my back yard and decided to take them after the midterm test. The evening didn´t go as planed and it looked like it was going to be a plain alcohol party. Tired of my friends i sneaked away to the freezer and took 20 "big" semis. As this was my first tripping event ever on shrooms i could´nt stop myself though i had to regret it afterwards.

I had now become pretty drunk and was watching some shitty action movie. As i looked on the clock eager to feel the effects i felt a strong tingling in my limbs and soon after an irresistible urge to laugh, trying hard to hold it back so no one would notice i was tripping. I then drank a lot more and had a real hard time riding my bike to the club where we we were supposed to meet up with some other friends.

As we got there the shrooms broke through the alkohol intoxication and the swirling lights around me amazed me and i forgot everything and everyone else in there, i looked at the glowing elipse shaped beings on the walls for half an our before the alkohol came to me again and made me feel tired and bored. When i followed a friend out that had to puke i suddenly felt the inner glow again and it felt so natural to just stand there and see him puke his guts out.I decided to leave the others but stayed with my sick friend for a while before i began to ride home on my own.

I took a shortcut through the woods and the path was lightend up at first and everything was ok. I then suddenly found myself in a strange world, everything was red and i could´t feel my body anymore, i was just a machine riding through the night. As i aproached the unlightend part of the path i could see the wall of the red room i´d been in. The wall closend and as my legs would´nt stop the machinery i just turned and ended up laying deep into the woods thinking what has happened. I then managed to get home without further incidents and due to the heavy alcohol blur and tiredness i dont remember much more but when i woke up the following morning the rest of the semis was gone and i held my pot pipe in my hand and felt pretty out of it.

It felt like i´d wasted my trip with alcohol and i wont mix them again. Tomorrow im going to trip for real for the first time with some cubensis mixed with an equal amount of cyanesens... mayhap i´ll write down something more exiting after that.

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