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CrAzZy ShRoOmZ

Well, I wanted to try shroomz for very long and I went to my friends house and we got a 20 bag of shroomz.

Well, I wanted to try shroomz for very long and I went to my friends house and we got a 20 bag of shroomz. we went to sum kids house i never met but oh well so i took a cap and a stem and ate all the shake <extra shroomz at the end of the bag> i smoked 2 extacy bluntz i got very tired at first im like wow whats wrong with me all of a sudden i saw light and im like WOW i feel so alive so i go outside and i start jumping on the diving board i almost fell in the pool cause i was so happy. then i saw a fake racoon so i started talking to it thinking it was real. then we went to the store i saw sum pizza candy i thought it was real pizza so i bought it..it had no taste but then we went back to this kids house and sum girl came up to me and said "Ima cow MOOOO" the whole nite i thought this girl was a cow it was so funny. thne i started lookin at the black light poster and the picture turned into a park and 2 men were smoking a blunt drinking iced tea playing checkers talking to me i felt i was next to them . i went into the kitchen which was sponge painted i thought it was melting so i got scared then i drank a beer and they gave me pretzels so i started eating the WHOLE ones only cause the brokin up ones were evil i was so scared. then i started chillen again and i was listening to HOUSE music and it was speaking to me "dont take E take SHROOMS" i was bugging out. then we got back to my friends house i duno how but i flushed the toilet and istarted singing toilet paper go down the hole and i was playing bugged out games on nintendo 64. then i went to sleep. when i woke up i felt so energized! ill definatly do them again GREAT EXPERIENCE

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