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The Jungle Gym

I wrote this report the couple of days after the friday that I tripped with two other people, DC and SK.

I wrote this report the couple of days after the friday that I tripped with two other people, DC and SK. SK and I originally were going to take a full eighth of shrooms, but ended up each breaking off .7 g for DC. It was DC's first trip, and SK's and my second trip. We ate our mushrooms with a large pepperoni pizza.

We had smoked a blunt with some other people that we were with about an hour or so before we ate the shrooms with pizza, so we were quite faded when we ate it. After eating them we went out to pick up some vitamin C pills. I ate about 10 (5000% of my daily requirement), and SK and DC each had 3 or 4. Slowly we came down from our weed high, as the mushrooms took effect. At first we were quite disappointed because an hour and a half after we ate the shrooms, we still had not started tripping, we were just feeling contently high.

We then went to this really nice park (there were 4 people other than the shroomers at this point.) When I got out of the car, I noticed that there were purple veins running through the sky, and it looked like green electricity was running through it as well. The clouds made patterns in the purple sky that were amazing.

At that point we decided to roll up another blunt. MF rolled it under the light of a telephone stand, and we walked up to a picnic table to smoke it. As I took my first large hit off the blunt, I looked over at EB and noticed that I was not seeing in color anymore, I looked around and I saw everyone in black and white. (This had happened on my first less-intense trip as well) I looked up, and the sky was still purple, but the people were colorless. These marble-like patterns began flashing in front of my eyes. Then I stared down at the picnic table and the patterns on it looked really odd. As DC later put it, "they looked like they had infinite depth."

I kept getting up to go get a drink of water but always sat back down because I did not want to miss my turn in the blunt-rotation. After the blunt had been finished, the patterns had become extremely intense. DC and I decided that we should definitely get water at this point. It is hard for me to say exactly what happened next, but for some reason, all the non-shroomers went back to Chris' house to get something, and we were left alone in the park.

Before they left however, we took a purple and white rubber ball I had picked up the previous day for exactly this purpose out of the car. As we started coming back from the car, we saw these trippy patterns that the shadows of the branches of this tree was making on the grass. We watched them for a couple of minutes.

Then we kicked the ball over to the large jungle gym, and began kicking it into everything, when we realized how cool the jungle gym was. SK began playing on this strange sliding thing that you are supposed to hang from. DC was climbing some bars. Then DC and I climbed up this "DNA strand"-shaped ladder to the top of the jungle gym. For some reason I started to think that it was my castle, and I started to pace back and forth on it. Eventually we all made our way over to this section of the structure that had these tubes running back and forth. We began crawling through them. It was amazing how much fun it was. The tubes felt like they got smaller and smaller as you went through, and a couple of times I felt like I was being shrunk. SK noted that he felt "like he was four years old again." It was totally true. We spent a few minutes analyzing how the tubes were organized, eventually coming to the conclusion that it was all "a big circle."

After getting off the structure, DC and I went in search of where these power lines which we saw went. But someone said they saw a cop, so I ran up through this thicket. I felt really strange, and as the shrubs cleared, I looked ahead and saw a volleyball court laying beyond this fence. I hopped the fence and began running around on the sand. Eventually SK and DC found me and they came over also. We noticed how Strange the grass was that lay on the edge of the court. After inspecting it for a bit, we SK and I just lay in the sand as DC rocked back and forth while holding on to the net. I started staring at the amazing textures and patterns that the sand made.

Finally EB came with a flashlight and said that they were back. We walked down the main path back to the lot, playing with the flashlight. We shone the flashlight into this one shrub which produced some fractal-like shadow patterns. It was at this point that we decided that the park was really artificial, and constructed.

When we got back to the rest of the people, we decided that it was time to smoke another blunt. So MF rolled up another one. After smoking this, blunt, the marble-like flashes of light returned. I got really messed up again. I looked down at my hand, and it disappeared against the ground. This happened to DC also and we began to laugh about it.

When we went back to the jungle gym area, everything began to look quite fuzzy. All objects would break up like static on a television. Everntually we headed back to Chris' house. We played some F-Zero X and the colors looked exaggerated and crazy. This was an extremely fun trip, although the visuals were quite mild.

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