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Not a party drug?

So here I am, Saturday night, with 20 minutes to get my ass in gear before I meet friends and go to a party.

So here I am, Saturday night, with 20 minutes to get my ass in gear before I meet friends and go to a party. I take 15 minutes to shower and as I'm getting out I get the sinking feeling: I DON'T HAVE ANY DRUGS!

Wait....yes I do! I had been growing shrooms for about 3 months with no success until recently when three small shrooms popped up. Two were a measly inch and a half while the other was about three and a half inches. Not much, but I figured I'd munch 'em and see what happens.

I chow down and make sure to chew them up good so I get all the juice out. I get harrased by my parents for 10 mins and hop in my car. At t+20 I start feeling a little something, it's just a placebo I think, and ignore anything I feel until I meet my friends.

We hop into my friend C's car to go to the party. C packs a small bowl of kind, I only get one rip but it sends me into outer space. I hadn't smoked for a week or two so I knew the bud would go to my head but the shrooms were definitely doing their thing. I was just too fucking loopy.

My loopiness continues to grow and I get mild CEVs, I'm trying not to let my friends catch me closing my eyes or they'll be pissed I didn't bring shrooms for them. That's how friends are :) I start getting faint OEVs, patterns when I look at dark spaces, stuff like that. It's the bud+shroom head trip that's throwing me.

We get to the party and start to walk in. I turn to C and tell him I ate some shrooms, I tell him I'll have more next week if he wants to trip. I see patterns flowing across my field of vision whereever I look. Basically I feel *really* stoned and I'm getting minor OEVs, I'm sure the CEVs would have been amusing but I didn't have a chance to close my eyes and explore at all.

We get to the party and it kinda sucks. Half of the kids I don't know, and there are some jock assholes already drunk and yelling at people. The jocks are the only kids with beer, the no one else has any alcohol. We mingle for awhile until the party chills out, 1/3 of the people leave and more people I know arive.

C turns up with 4 small bottles of gin and we go out with another friend and two girls to chug. Gin is fucking gross - just give me kind any day. As we're leaving C's car we meet other friends smoking a little bud, I take a small hit and orbit a little more, I don't want to be a scrub. Later I go into a white room and chill. The room is very bright and I'm seeing little things I can't pinpoint. The effects are similar to the come up of a 3-4g trip...nice and light. Things are buzzing in my peripheral <sp> vision. I'm feelin good.

The party ends and hour later, kind of early, and we hop in the car to go home. It's t+3 and the effects are completely gone, or at least indistinguishable from the weed+alcohol buzz.

Lesson's learned: Shrooms made my night. I probably only had 8g tops of pretty potent fresh cubies but they made the night interesting. Without the shrooms the party would have sucked, 2 hits of kine and 5 shots of gin are ok, but everyone else had a case in their car. I didn't want a mind blowing out of body experiance, I didn't want to be the kid on the couch losing his ego...I got the balance just right :)


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