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a big ocean-1st trip

This is what happened on my first trip!

This is what happened on my first trip! Well i decided that i didnt really want to eat too much and freak out, so i ended up eating a little more than a gram, and i was with my two friends who both have a bit more experience than me, so they ended up taking about 2 grams a peice. They both decided just to straight up eat theirs, but i couldnt stand the taste, so i chopped them up in to pill-sized peices and swallowed them with soda. My friends started feeling the effects within 15-20 minutes, but didnt, and figured that it was because my stomach had to have time to digest them. We were basically just sitting and smoking a lot of pot, and after about an hour i was gettin dissapointed because i thought that either i hadnt eaten enough or they were just bunk shrooms. However, a few minutes later i decided to go to the bathroom, and when i looked into the mirror, it seemed eternal, as if i could stick my hand straight through it. I went back into my room and sat on my bed with my friend and realized that my walls were breathing, which made me laugh, and i couldnt stop laughing. i had the most euphoric feeling surrounding me- i found EVERYTHING funny as hell. i looked at my posters and realized that the colors were morphing together and swirling. When i closed my eyes i saw blue green and red geometrical patterns. as i was sitting with my friend, we were having fun observing the others in the room, and we were almost in our "own little world" together. at that point i noticed that the entire room was vibrating. my two friends experienced a "psychic" moment with some pretty random thoughts. a little while later everyone except myself and my friend fell asleep. thats when i was looking outside and saw a big ocean. i live on the top of a hill, where you can see the entire town below, and it seemed as if a blue, orange, black and silver ocean was covering the town and my house was just at the edge of it. it was moving and changing and its tides were switching directions fairly rapidly. i asked my friend what he saw outside and he looked for a moment and told me he saw the same thing! it was strange, and seemingly inexplicable. we watched it change for quite a while, and a little while later, we started to come down. overall, a very good, very fun, trippy experience.

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