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Schooltime Insanity

7 hours ago i ingested approximately 1.

7 hours ago i ingested approximately 1.5 grams dried
Psilocybe mushrooms during c period in school. the contents
of the baggie were crushed and rather flaky in texture. i
measured out my dose and promptly plopped the flaky shrooms
in my mouth. i chewed 30 times and swallowed. the taste
doesnt realy bother me for some reason, kind of like stale
peanuts. i walked around anxiously awaiting the familiar
psychedelic head trip wich i have known and loved. after 30
minutes my free period was over and i promptly walked over
to finish a quiz i had not finnished in my spanish class. i
aced the quiz, but just as he took it out of my hand i
noticed a paper on his desk started twitching, then it was
followed by a sort of trippy distortion of his desk and
room. i got out as soon as i could. i then sat around during
my extra help period waiting to see how much farther i would
go. i thought i was pretty much peaked. the next period i
went to my english class that is taught by a great guy, but
he is no idiot. he started talking about something deep and
i let my eyes wonder where thy set on the floor. there was a
linolium floor with marble looking tiles. the marble pattern
decided to dissociate for the tile and start flowing into
incredibly beautiful pastels wich formed mystical worlds of
dragons and fish. unfortunately i was not able to enjoy this
so much because my english teacher began to stare at me
rather strangely. i looked around an i started seeing small
blue and red dots brighten and dim everywhere. the energy
flowing through me was so intense i nearly jumped out of my
seat. if anyone said of did something funny, i found that an
incredible quantity of energy flowed to my mind and i was
strongly compelled to fall into a state of uproarious
lagter. i avoided doing so. after class i headed for lunch.
i told my friend whom we shal now call r of what i had done.
he thought it was hilarious. the rest of my clases i spent
trying to balance between reality and the psychedelic realm.
i would strongly suggest anyone who ever thinks about doing
this, considering i have a remarkable capability to handle a
trip, not to do this,

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