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First time shroomin!

Ok today, friday, may 3,2002 I ate mushrooms.

Ok today, friday, may 3,2002 I ate mushrooms. I believe they were Psilocybe cubensis or Mexicans or a B+ strain or something. Anyways I ate them around 3:30 and ate a little over half a gram. I ate two fat 1.5 inch stems and two dime sized caps. I ate them broken up a bit in a peanut butter sandwich. Washed that down with some oj, around 4:30 we smoke a blunt of some hydro buds me and my friend who had dosed almost a full eighth,along with my other friend who couldnt smoke due to drug tests but ate half an eighth. Well anyways we were out on the railroad tracks and we decided to walk through the woods. Well I start feeling a real body buzz from the shrooms like real light headed and shit. My other two friends are like trippin ballz, both of them are expierianced trippers. Well one of my friends really starts getting mad at me cause I wasnt trippin like them. He started yelling at me for not eating more. He was all tripping and was like I choose nature! Back to nature! I was feeling them and still am but its not real intense, I dont see shit, it comes and goes, like I will just start laughing at stupid shit. Well he was tripping his ass off, and was all like you dont understand your one of the people you are a person, somone who belongs in a store. He told me I should leave and go eat the rest of mine at home because I wasnt trippin that hard and they were. He was getting pissed cause he thought I was fucking with him. I was just luaghing the whole time at them cause it was sooo funny lol. So I just left them trippin ballz in the woods behind some railroads tracks, and here I am typing this my first time eaten shrooms. Whyd he get so pissed? The other kid was just laughing his ass off. LOL.

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