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The first time I shroomed was the winter of '94.

The first time I shroomed was the winter of '94. The whole experinece makes me look back at 12 hours of hazy milky reality. We drank shroom tea in the basement of my friend Lance's house. Then we all ate the stuff at the bottom that was like chunky stew. It was the bottom part of a pound of shrooms and all the best shit ran to the bottom. I was fucking zooted. There was four feet of snow on the ground and I when I went out for a cigarette I thought I was on Mars. I had never payed closer attention to the planet than I did at this moment. I felt my place and my being and it vibrated off the snow and into spcace. There was not one single teeny tiny worry that i could find...the world was just splashing into my face at such a stimulous- intensive rate that reality took on a whole new light. I found out later why this happens. The chemical in shrooms changes the electromagnetic consistency in the synapses that join nerve endings. When the consistency changes the charge either never makes it to the brain or is lagged for so long that the time you are in now will interpret into another reality. In a escence...your brain is used to 100% stimulous...when it becomes deprived of 25% stimulous or greater...it makes up for it by creating it's own "artificial stimulous" that is derived from your highest concience. This reality is what you make of it. I took a sled off my friends porch and ran to the highest hill in on the block to do a suicide run. It was the kind of sled that has the metal blades and wood boards....i ran as fast as i could and leaped forward over the hill ready for the ride of my life...the sled stuck down three feet into the slow and i slid forward doing a beacutiful face plant...snow rushes in....filling my entire shirt...and giving me instant hypothermia. I get the snow out and I'm all wet and I see the steam pouring off my forehead into the street light...I dug the sled out and this time it was smoothe sailing all the way down. All I remember after that is trying to convince my friend not jump off the garage...and being able to bend anything i looked at into waves. I haven't seen snow like that since...because that snow doesn't exist and never really did exist...except in the way that my mind thought it did. It was such a trememdously beautiful thing. You can find a lot out about who you really are when you take a moderate amount of shrooms...what i did that night for my weight and size...i shouldn't have done so much. I have to admit that it scared me that i couldn't utter a word for at least an hour. I felt the universe contract in and out...deep dark cloudy waves of hyper-fright....followed by escape....and then laughter...a lunatic laugh...and then then a calmness and then probably lots more laughter...for the most bizarre reasons. I was coming and going at the same time...i was both lunatic and psychiatrist...or maybe i was neither. I've tripped since then on acid and on shrooms but that one takes the cake.

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