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Tea Tripping

I chopped up 3.

I chopped up 3.5 grams and steeped in mildy acidic water for about 10 minits, then flavoured the tea a with teabag of red current tea. It didn't taste bad at all. I shared the drink with a couple of friends. We were all expecting a mellow experience and that's what we got. We walked down into a beautiful george and sat on a rock in the middle of the river at the bottom. There was a brindge held up by a single pillar above us, the pillar was about 5 feet away from the rock. The stonework of the pillar took on an embossed appearance and the brigde itself seemed to sway back and forth slowly. Sitting on the rock with the water rushing by all around us made it seem like the rock was moving down the river. Pretty soon mosquitos started to get bad so we left and walked with no destination in mind. We eventually ended up in a soccer field looking at the clouds. It began to rain and lightning began to flash, it was an amazing sight to see while under the mushroom's guidance. The wind and rain made me feel renewed and purified, and the lightning made my entire body tingle every time i saw it. After we went our seperate ways i sat in the sweet ass garden in my back yard watching the storm for another couple of hours, then smoked some weed and fell right asleep. The experience may not have been all that signifigant spiritualy, but it let me appreciate nature and the world in a whole different way, i felt like a was getting back to my roots. i found the experience extremely enjoyable.


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