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well this was my first trip in exactly a year.

well this was my first trip in exactly a year. I took 4 stems and one cap... just to try it out since I haven't done it in a long time. I did learn a lot though, if you are just interested in triping for relaxation and aren't really interested in tripping hardcore-- this is how much you want to take. I almost feel jipped that I tried it at such a low dose.
I dosed around 11:30 and felt it fully around 12:30 then I lost all track of time, I feel very very drawn and tired. I am actually hot too they do say you sweat though. I watched a classic Peter Pan and for a little while the colors took over the plot but even then for a little while now its like I can't wait for this to be over, its so boring. Everything I try to do is so half assed and so boring. I love Pink Floyd but I don't even want to hear it now I don't get it? I really only recomend this dosage to people who don't want to trip hard but do it for mear relaxation. AND I RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO QUIT SMOKING DAMN I FEEL RELEAVED!!!

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