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My fist trip

I bought an 1/8th of shrooms that I would take for the first time at a camping trip on Memorial Day Weekend.

I bought an 1/8th of shrooms that I would take for the first time at a camping trip on Memorial Day Weekend. They were the kind that had the blue dots on them and are supposed to be very good. At least that's what the guy I bought them from said but I didn't believe him because that's what he says about all the shit I buy from him. So on a boring Sunday evening when I had absolutely nothing to do I lost my nerve and decided to try a little bit. I ate only a couple stems and a cap thinking that nothing big was going to happen. That would be my first mistake.
About an hour or so later all the posters in my room seemed like they were 3D. My picture of Heidi Klum on her swimsuit calender looked like she was alive and was about to rip her top off. And then I thought Dimebag Darrell in my Pantera poster was going to walk out into my room and kick my ass. I wasn't crazy about tripping when my parents were home so I tried to go to sleep until I was done tripping. But before I can even close my eyes I get a phone call from one of my friends saying I got a pick him up at a park and it was an emergency. He wouldn't say why and I didn't bother telling him I was tripping. I wanted to leave my house anyway so that I was not around my parents.
So I get into my car. My second big mistake. My buddy was 10 minutes away and I was driving by myself while tripping for the first time. My steering wheel started to vibrate violently and I wasn't sure if it was the shrooms or my car was fucked up. So I'm driving like 80 down the road trying to get to my friend so he can drive instead and just my luck every car I get behind is going like 10 below the speed limit. There was even a point when I completely forgot were I was.
But luckily I made it to the park and jumped into the passenger seat as my friend darted into the car. "Help me, I'm tripping was the first thing I said to him." He just says, "Oh, really." Than points to a black truck that pulled into the park just as we left and says that the guy in the tuck theatened to kill him because he thought he stole an 8 ball of meth from him.
So even thought it was very stupid of me to be driving by meyself for the first time I was tripping it was a good thing because I just might have saved my friends life.
After that we just drove around hiding from the guy and waiting for me to come down. We stopped at a gas station when I was still tripping pretty good so I could take a leak. I was walking around in circles looking like an idiot trying to find the bathroom.
I eventually realized it was one of those bathrooms were you had to ask for a key to get into and I then got nervous and left because the cashier was looking at me funny. What really freaked me out was that it looked like smoke was coming out of his head. So I decide to leave the gas station and he was probably giving me an even stranger look wondering why the hell I went into their to walk around and leave.
That was the last interesting thing that happened and after that I started coming down. I'll admit it was stupid of me to trip at my house while my parents are home and then get behind the wheel of a car. But at least I didn't do what my brother did and take shrooms for the first time at school.

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