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confused as shit!

I ate about 5 caps and 3 stems around 11:20 tonight.

I ate about 5 caps and 3 stems around 11:20 tonight. I don't even think I tripped. I felt great for about the first hour thinking it is going to eventually peak (not knowing I already reached peak)but I couldn't figure out what was going on and now that I look back at it I don't remember what the hell I was thinking about! Then I put on my rage against the machine dvd. I watched it in its entirety appreciating every sound that came from that disk. It was amazing, I knew I couldn't have been tripping but I have had this jittery thing inside me ever since. I just absolutely love everything, now I am just waiting to get tired with my second fav band pink floyd. The night has been beautiful but I have not seen visuals yet and this is my third time tripping! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? Please email me NASHZ99@yahoo.com. Don't get me wrong the night was cool but seriously this cannot be tripping.

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